The Best Sushi in Charleston

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As probably the biggest sushi fan at Academic Magnet (I have been eating sushi since three years old), I feel as if I am the most qualified to inform you of the best places to get sushi in the Charleston area. Whether you’re a simple California roll fan or like some of the more complicated rolls, these places will always have you covered.

9. Sushi 101 King

At number nine, we have Sushi 101 King. Honestly, I have only been here once. Located in the heart of King Street, this place is perfect for a pick-me-up after a long day of shopping. The exterior is very inviting, with blue LED lights lighting up the window. You can’t help but be drawn to the restaurant. The restaurant itself is very casual; any sort of clothing is acceptable. As for the prices, the rolls themselves are very affordable, ranging from a $6.99 veggie roll to a $20.99 flying dragon specialty roll. Compared to the others on this list, I would say the food itself is good. I think it’s a great and affordable option if you want quick and easy sushi. Also amazing plating lol.

8. Aji

Next, any James Island native knows about Aji. Aji is perfect for quick sushi takeout. However, the food is of extreme quality. A huge variety of rolls that are very creative. Also another casual one. Personally, I have never seen a Spicy Tuna Pizza Roll before. Obviously, Aji is a little pricier (due to the originality of the rolls), but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, definitely check it out.

7. 167 Sushi Bar

167 has great quality sushi. It is extremely consistent, and you cannot go wrong. The interior is super cute – gorgeous lighting and really cool art. It is on the more modern side. It kind of takes its own individual twist on classic Japanese.

6. Locals

Ok technically, as most know, Locals is known for the odd combination of sushi, tacos, and burgers. But honestly, some of the best sushi I’ve had. With two locations in Mount Pleasant and in West Ashley, you are sure to be close to one. You have to start with edamame always. The menu has your classic rolls (California, salmon, tuna, veggie, etc.) along with a very long list of signature rolls. At Locals, you’re going to find a good amount of tempura fried compared to your average sushi restaurant. My favorite roll on the menu is the Firecracker. As for prices, they are pretty average, and there is not a roll over $14.00.

5. Fire

Fire is number five for the sole reason of convenience. Located in the middle of King Street, it is a perfect stop for lunch when you are shopping or a cheap dinner option if you are looking for the ambiance of downtown (but not the price lol). Also, they have takeout and DoorDash if need be. Also, technically Fire is not a sushi restaurant, and they don’t necessarily have a variety of rolls (most of them are classic), but let me tell you, from a spider roll specialist, they have a TOP TIER spider roll. Also, for you all who are not sushi fans, they have really good pho and then a crazy Wagyu Kobe Burger. Fire House Salad with ginger dressing is a must for before as well. And how could I forget about the dumplings!!!!

4. Fuji

Fuji Mount Pleasant. Fuji Kiawah. Fuji Upper King. Welcome to Fuji. A Charleston classic. You have HAD to have heard of Fuji. Named after Mount Fuji, this is your classic sushi place. I’m talking Miso Soup and Kani Salad to start. After this, you have your crazy lists of sashimi, classic rolls, vegetable rolls, and specialty rolls. If for some reason, you decide you can’t find anything you like on this massive list, they offer other options, including noodles, rice bowls, poke bowls, and hibachi. Don’t forget to ask for extra white sauce. Fuji absolutely does spicy tuna roll the best on this list. Fuji is a nicer sushi restaurant, but still decently casual. But don’t show up in a t-shirt. As for prices, they are not bad at all considering the type of environment. Fuji has dim lights and fun decorations, which definitely puts it higher on the list.

3. O-Ku

Many people have told me to put O-Ku as #1 on this list. While I think the environment is definitely #1, the sushi itself is #3. Another King Street find O-Ku is such a fun place. You can always find birthdays and events going on here. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a bar (irrelevant). But again such a fun environment and usually a lot of people and noise. You probably should get a reservation or call ahead because it can get pretty busy, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.


2. Zen

Zen Asian Fusion. The red lighting creates a very romantic ambiance and is a great place to buss down on some sush. But seriously. They have some absolutely UNHINGED rolls here. Even seasonal rolls – as you can see, I went near valentines day. Beautiful interior and probably on the nicer side. Amazing spicy tuna (if you like spicy). Also if you like spicy, the Spicy Girl Roll is amaze. I also recommend the Godzilla Roll.

1. Osaka

My number one sushi restaurant in Charleston is Osaka. And I might be a little bit biased because this is the first sushi I ever ate. But genuinely, they have the most quality sushi in Charleston. The restaurant itself is a classic sushi restaurant – nothing too special about the interior. It is probably on the nicer side, but, at the same time, casual is fine. As for prices – just don’t look at the prices. Focus on the food. In the restaurant itself, they have a sushi bar where you can watch the chef make your sushi. Amazing miso soup and also amazing seaweed salad for a starter. As for your main course, you have to get a signature roll. My recommendations are the crazy tuna roll, the downtown roll, and the dynamite roll. And lastly, for dessert, you have to get mochi (green tea is my favorite).