Mini Food Review: Seol Ah’s

A mini culinary adventure

This weekend, Sarah Baer(12) and I went to Seol Ah’s in Lucky Luchador. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and I thought I could do a review for it.


About Seol Ah’s:

Seol Ah’s is a local restaurant that serves Korean fusion food. It’s known for its Korean Corn dogs, although I, unfortunately, could not try them because I do not eat red meat. They have various foods on their menu, with anything from the Hot Cheetoh Corn dog to Korean Nashville HOT McChicken. It is owned by Lynn Hobart and Josh Hill, who previously owned the South Philly Cheesesteaks food truck. Starting at downtown’s farmer’s market, its success eventually led to a food truck. Hobart noticed a lack of Asian Fusion food in Charleston, and wanted to incorporate her own culture into her food, so decided to create a Korean corn dog restaurant.  Opening an Instagram and Facebook page, she found a lot of community members reacted positively. Since then, people’s reaction to this Korean-fusion restaurant has been exceptional. So, if you are looking to support a small business that is AAPI and Black-owned and serves delicious food, Seol Ah’s is the place.

K-POP Chicken Rice Bowl:

This bowl came with rice, siracha mayo, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, and boneless chicken. I really enjoyed this bowl— the flavors mixed really well together. I love chicken and the texture was super nice, and went along with the rice and toppings really well. I am a huge fan of siracha aioli, so I enjoyed the sauce A LOT. I thought it was really filling and a good portion for the price. Overall, I recommend it. It was yummy!

It was yummy!

— ellyse ramos(12)





Korean BBQ Wings rice bowl:

I also got this bowl(I really like rice bowls if you couldn’t tell). It was essentially the same ingredients as the K-Pop Chicken Rice bowl, except the chicken, had a Korean BBQ sauce and did have bones. Just like the other bowl, the flavor was great. I enjoyed the sauce on this one even more, as it was saucier and I love Korean BBQ. The flavor of the sauce went really well with the ingredients and sauce.





Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Seol Ah’s. Next time I definitely want to try the Kimchi Slaw Fries, so I will definitely back(I didn’t have the budget for it this time). I would recommend going, especially if you want to support a small, black-owned business.