Lil Cynth

An inside exclusive with Magnet’s very own


Cover art drawn by Lil Cynth (Will Jordan)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that Lil Cynth is a well-known persona at our school. The face behind the name is senior Will Jordan. When he’s not working hard making beats he can be found on the basketball court, football field, or baseball field- a jack of all trades if you will. 

Lil Cynth’s fame skyrocketed with the release of his first song, Star Eyes. Since then he has released two albums, “Stars and Clouds” and “Clou9”. Along with production and vocals in his tracks, he draws and creates the cover art for his releases. He has collaborated with various artists both from Magnet and from other high schools in the area. His music can be accessed on multiple platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud. 

Because Lil Cynth is known and loved by our student body, I asked around to see if anyone had questions they wanted answers for and this is what I came up with: 

Jack Levenson wants to know: 

“Why did you start making music?”

Cynth: “I listened to other people making music and thought it looked easy so then I tried to do it myself and found out it was actually really hard, so then it became sort of a challenge for me to see how far I could push myself.” 


Davis Leath wants to know:

“Who are some of your greatest inspirations?”

Cynth: “X, and Trippie Redd”


Ella Lesesne wants to know: 

“Who would be your dream artist to collab with?”

Cynth: “Trippie Redd”


Mason Leath wants to know:

“Where did the name Lil Cynth come from?”

Cynth: “It’s from the word synthesizer and I use one of them to make my music, it’s sort of like an electric keyboard. So I took the word synthesizer and then I shortened it, and changed the s to a c and so now it’s just Cynth.” 


AMHS wants to know: 

“Do your parents like listening to your music?”

Cynth: “Um yeah, actually they do.”


What’s your favorite song ever?

Cynth: “I don’t have a favorite song; there’s too many.” 


What’s your own favorite song?

Cynth: “Johnny Ringo because it’s currently the only one I really like listening to that I’ve made.” 


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Cynth: “Probably working some computer science job. Probably not making any music.”


Where are you going to college?

Cynth: “Wofford. Go T-dogs.”  


How long do you spend on each song that you make?

Cynth: “I don’t know like 3 or 4 hours.” 

Our school loves supporting local artists and will continue to do so! Good luck moving forward, Lil Cynth. We are rooting for you.