Why Do We Run Cross Country?


Varsity Girls Cross Country Team at the Ponds Invitational; Photo Credit: Mrs. Hooffstetter From left to right: Kate Kuisel (10). Rachel Walmet (10), Carly Hall (11), Caroline Seymour (11), Sophie Crosby (11), Annalise Hafner (11), and Sallie Limehouse (10)

When you hear the words “cross country,” what comes to mind? If you’re like many people at AMHS, you think of people who are crazy enough to enjoy spending their afternoons running in the heat. Sounds fun, right?

As a member of the girls cross country team, I happen to be among the “crazy” girls who run on the team, and I enjoy the sport. To provide you with some insight as to why 26 girls choose to be on the cross country team, I asked some of the girls on the team for their reasons.

“I like food so I have to do a sport” -Campbell Daffin (11)

“So I can be a better runner for lacrosse” -Janie O’Shea (10)

“I run because I like food” -Payton Ritter (11)

“So I can call myself an athlete” -Evelyn Bi (11)

“Because Hanna Kent and my mom force me to” -Abby de Arellano (12)

“So I can stay in shape” -Grace Fellows (10)

“To be with friends and so I don’t have to go straight home” -Caroline Seymour (11)

“So I can eat whatever I want” -Rachel Walmet (10)

“The people who run Cross Country are quality people” -Sallie Limehouse (10)

“I like to run and if I didn’t I would go home and sleep” -Annalise Hafner (11)

“It makes everything else seem so much easier” -Kate Kuisel (10)

“Because it helps improve my health” -Fanny Cheung (11)

“To put off doing my homework for longer” -Hanna Kent (12)

And finally,

“I’ve got nothing better to do” -Caroline Keefer (11)

If you see anyone on the girls cross country team this week, wish them luck at their meet in Columbia this weekend!