Senior Theses for the Class of 2017

It’s January, and many of our seniors have completed the grueling, year-long process, or are on the home stretch towards the amazing feeling that is finishing your thesis. The following is a list of the class of 2017’s senior theses:

  1. Sam Austin: The Correlation Between Software Efficiency and Asynchronous and Synchronous Processing Using Encryption
  2. Jack Barna: The Effectiveness of Data Analysis and Optimal Lineup Analysis in Major League Baseball
  3. Grace Beischel: Correlating Swim Team Characteristics with Performance at the City Meet

    A young Grace Beischel at a swim meet
  4. Sophie Bello: Creating a Screenplay Based upon Elements of the Painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”
  5. Blake Bernard: Oxygen Extraction from Blood with Exercise in Animals with a Myocardial Infraction
  6. Elizabeth Anne Boling: Testing the Requirement of Interferons in Wound Repair Driven by Poly-N-Acetyl-Glucosamine Nanofibers Derived from a Marine Diatom
  7. Capers Borders: How Team Sports Help Combat Depression
  8. Ella Bovender: The Effect of a Clothing Line Designed and Produced for Use in Physical Therapy with Teenage Shoulder Patients
  9. Bobby Boyles: Determining Effective Methods of Climate Change Education and Identifying Misconceptions Among High School Students
  10. Nathan Bradley: Effects of Emotional and Rhetorical Content in Fiction and Nonfiction on Moral Decision-Making
  11. Sophie Brams: The Effects of Nonverbal Communication of Television News Anchors on Media Manipulation During National Elections
  12. Reilly Burgin: Impacts of Summer Camp Employment at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp on Female Counselor Alumni Workforce Skills
  13. Julius Cale: Sustainable Environmental Action and Public Projects for Charleston Flooding

    Work from Katie Conley’s thesis
    Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
  14. Jack Carroll: The Effect of Chaos and Complexity Theory on Wealth Distribution in a Pure Market Economy
  15. Liam Christensen: Implementing the Javelin in the South Carolina High School League
  16. Grace Christoph: Writing a Realistic Fiction Short Story Pertaining to Traumatic Brain Injury
  17. Danielle Colbrunn: The Impact of Sleep on the Performance of Minor League Baseball Players
  18. Conor Coleman: An Analysis of the Change in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation over an Extended Period of Time
  19. Katie Conley: Designing a Marketable Collection of Children’s Wear Based on Wes Anderson’s Approach to Visual Communication
  20. Jacob Crowley: The Effects of Depression on Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers
  21. Elsa Crowe: Effect of RMTg Inhibition on Alcohol Withdrawal-Induced Negative Affect
  22. João da Costa: Analysis of the Role and Effect of Fandom in the Brazilian Family
  23. Faith Dalzell: The Impact of Balanced Mentorship on Mentees and Mentors
  24. Zach Dalzell: Comparing Player Typing Models to Established Personality Inventory Assessments
  25. Shaoni Dasgupta: Individual Variability in Brain Response to Drug Cues Predict rTMS Efficacy
  26. Abby de Arellano: The Need for Trauma-Focused Treatment in Youth in a Middle-Income Country and Acceptability and Feasibility of the Telehealth Delivery Model
  27. Lexi DeHart: Studying the Effects of Specialized Programs for Pre-Adolescent Boys with Congenital Heart Defects
  28. Ali DeLambo: Kickboxing Occupational Therapy on the Cognitive Effects of Parkinson’s Disease

    Faith Dalzell presenting her thesis
  29. Sarah Cate Demos: The Physical and Psychological Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Hospitalized Children
  30. Chris Diamond-Hettinger: The Development of Introductory General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments at the College of Charleston
  31. Trevor DiGerolamo: The Implementation of a Gymnastics-Based Program into Athletes of Other Sports
  32. Lidia DiPaolo: The Effect of SafeCare Completion by Teen Parents on Parental Skill Sets and Function Level
  33. Evan Dockery: The Effect of Packaging Design and Bottle Shape on Beverage Sales in a School System
  34. Thomas Dorfner: Creating a System to Decrease Turnaround Time in the Charleston Port
  35. Isabel Eicher: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Levels of Combat Stress
  36. Caitlin Facello: A Comparison of Idioms in English, French, and Spanish Translations of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  37. Sarah Feingold: The effects of HOW and Hoi-Polloi on Alternative Splicing and Isoform Expression in Apis mellifera
  38. Tom Feingold: Examining the Correlation Between Cognitive Decline, Driving, and Aging in Older Adults and How Technology Can Be Used to Stop Driving Cessation
  39. Maxim Fisher: Digital Marketing to Teenage Males
  40. Grace Ford-Dirks: Debating the Nature of Executive Power in American Politics
  41. Hannah Frankel: Transfection of Porcine Valvular Interstitial Cells with Plasmid DNA for Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Replacements
  42. Madison Freedy: Diamondback Terrapin Mortality in Crab Traps: An Evaluation of Bycatch Reduction Devices
  43. Olive Gardner: Injustice Anywhere: The Use of Podcasting to Report on Racial Disparities on the Juvenile Judicial System
  44. Campbell Garrard: Gun Legislation and Violent Crime
  45. Brandon Gee: Effects of Sedentary Behavior on Cardiovascular Health in Adolescents
  46. Mikey Goltra: Innovations in Cybersecurity Education: Cyber Core Curriculum
  47. Ethan Grantham: The Effects of Musical Tempo on Working Memory
  48. Janelle Green: Hate Crimes Legislation: A Legal, Political, and Social Analysis
  49. Maya Haley: The Examination of Visceral Fat Loss Throughout the Healthy Charleston Challenge
  50. Addison Haly: Design of an Attractive Sports Car by a High School Student
  51. Zach Harley: Medical Provider Bias Against Patients on Nontraditional Vaccine Schedules
  52. Jack Heeke: Identifying Trends and Synthesizing Data Measuring Global Bycatch
  53. Emma Hillis: The Developmental Effects of Afterschool Programs on Elementary School Children
  54. Aubrey Hodapp: The Relationship Between the Media and Body Image in Teenagers
  55. Grayson Holem: Application of a Light Rail System in Charleston, South Carolina
  56. Ben Holmes: Email App Designed to Improve Message Notifications
  57. Nina Howard: Protein Disulfide Isomerase: A Novel Drug Target for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients
  58. Zach Hunter: An Analysis and Review of the Socioeconomic Characteristics and Solutions of Food Desert Communities 
  59. Mackenzie Jenkins: Effects of Substrate Manipulation on Recruitment of Spat for More Sustainable Shellfish Fisheries
  60. Qining Jin: The Role of NRP2b C-Terminal Sequence on Pro-Tumeroigenic Behavior of Lung Cancer Cells
  61. Cory Johnson: An Exploration of Methods to Increase the Percentage of Christians That Remain Faithful in College
  62. Hanna Kent: The Effects of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  63. Isabella Knowles: How Does One Utilize Digital Instruction in Order to Employ Mixed 2D and 3D Approaches in Animating East of the Sun West of the Moon
  64. Sohan Kotecha: The Effects of Classical Instrumental Music on the Long-Term Memory of High School Students
  65. English Laserna: A Metareview on Corneal Scarring After Photorefractive Keratectomy and the Effects of Differing Concentrations and Durations of MMC Postoperative
  66. Quinn Laudenslager: How Coaches’ Knowledge of the Athletic Training Profession Affects the Competing Perspectives of the Role of Athletic Trainers in High School Settings
  67. Angel Legare: The Application of the National School Lunch Program’s New Dietary Guidelines Specifically Related to the Effect of Sodium on Student Receptivity
  68. Martyn Lemon: A Study on the Relation of Graphics Card Performnce and Temperature
  69. Nate LeRoy: The Prediction of March Madness Using Statistics from the Past NCAA Tournaments

    Nate LeRoy with his mentor presenting at the TD arena
  70. Henry Lesesne: Officer Life in the Army of the Confederate States of America Through the Letters of Captain Chesley Worthington Herbert
  71. Nicole Lindbergh: Culture Wars, White-Washing, and the Founding Fathers: Alternative Mediums to Historical Textbooks and Inherent Archetypal Inaccuracies
  72. Ethan Linhart: The Effect of Sports Marketing Techniques on Ticket Sales at Academic Magnet Football Games
  73. Jacob Lipton: The Effect of Java in Creating a Database for Commercial Use in Hospitals and Similar Institutions
  74. Campbell Long: The Short-Term Effects of Acute Bout of Aerobic Exercise on Neuroplasticity in Patients with Depression
  75. Charlotte Lucas: The Formation and Evolution of the Twentieth Century Literary Dystopia in Response to Social and Political Shifts
  76. Erika Ludden: Expanding the World’s Blue Zones Through Addition of Blue Zones to the High School Health Education Curriculum in North Charleston
  77. India Manigault: “Forever and Ever and Ever”: The Effectiveness of the Shining as a Horror Movie and Its Relation to Both the Audience and the Genre
  78. Hannah Massar: Improving Workforce Readiness Through Simulation-Based Learning
  79. Jack McElhinney: Developing a Mobile Application to Educate Adults About How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
  80. Madeline McQuillan: The Development of Children on Alternative Diets, such as Vegan and Vegetarian as Perceived by Parents and Pediatricians
  81. Maggie McMillan: Using the Code to Create a Mobile Application to Help Combat Childhood Obesity
  82. Samantha Moody: The Effect of Social Media Use on the Mental Health of High School Students
  83. Ellie Moore: The Creation and Implementation of a Basic Oral Health Education Curriculum for the Good Shepard Orphanage in Kenya
  84. Aldo Moreno-Reyes: Investigations into Enzymic Monomer Synthesis Methods for Functional Polyester Materials
  85. Katie Moseley: Phenotypic Variation of Predicted Guard Cell Mutants of Arabdopsis in Differing Moisture Environments
  86. Chris Moss: Parent Motivation of Bilingual Education
  87. Sara Moussa: A Study on the Role of De Novo Fatty Acid Synthesis in Donor T Cells in the Development of Graft vs. Host Disease
  88. Sully Murdock: Housing and Rehabilitation Programs in Charleston, South Carolina
  89. Dunbar Myrick: The Relationship Between Social Media and Harassment and Ways to Prevent Harassment Online
  90. Tyler Nadeau: A Systematic Review of Vertical and Shared Leadership and Their Theoretical Performance in Long-Term Spaceflight
  91. Olivia Norman: The Effects of Vitamin D3 on Childhood Asthma in African-Americans
  92. Ryan Pace: Creating an Education Presentation to Effectively Educate Adolescents on Prescription Drug Abuse

    Abby Spencer receiving an award for her thesis
  93. Anjali Pandey: Hate Crimes Against the Transgender Community and Preventative Education
  94. Alex Pastis: Creating a Bank of Text Messages to Increase Patient Adherence to an Exercise Prescription
  95. Lindsay Patterson: The Formation and Potential Resolution of the US Moratorium on Cambodian Adoptions
  96. Connor Pizii: The Process of Developing an Application to Aid Adolescents with ADHD
  97. Jackson Pogue: Statistically Correlating Basketball Factors to Wins
  98. Jessica Putnam: A Study Regarding Fluency in Korean of a Self-Taught Adolescent Female Through the Use of the Internet and Video Blogs
  99. Nafisa Rahimberganova: The Effects of Post-Migration Stressors on the Mental Health of Immigrants
  100. Gabi Rauls: The Effects of Foam Rolling on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  101. Hannah Reed: The Effects of Psychoeducation of Anxiety in Adolescents: Potential Benefit of a Brochure
  102. Sara Reineke: The Effect of Altering Specific Elements of the Ballet Classroom to Increase the Body Image and Self-Esteem of Female Adolescent Ballet Dancers
  103. Alec Robinovitz: Modernist Literature as a Reflection of Broader Paradigmal Changes in Society
  104. Liam Rowley: The Motifs and Techniques of Various Directors and The Application of Such
  105. Lily Rumph: The Study of Pharmacokinetics of M13K07 Helper Phage in Daniorerio Zebrafish for the Use of Bacteriophage Therapy in Aquaculture
  106. Joe Sanders: Examination of American Economic Policies in Response to its Financial Crisis and their Economic Effects
  107. Erin Schnell: Stem Cell Based Research on Sinoatrial Node Cells
  108. Kara Schwacke: The Use of Relaxin as a Biomarker for Indicating the Pregnancy Outcomes of Bottlenosed Dolphins
  109. Potter Seibels: Examining Pathogen Pollutant Levels of Waterways in the ACE Basin 
  110. Carter Shubert: Reducing Poverty Through the Use of Microcredit and Social Entrepreneurship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  111. Amelia Sizemore: Personality Development in Third Graders
  112. Garrett Smith: The Effect of Protein Supplementation on Endurance Athletes
  113. McKelvey Smith: The Effect of Mentoring Relationships on Words Proficiency in Kindergarten Students
  114. Emma Sossamon: The Role of Twitter in the 2016 Election
  115. Abby Spencer: The Association Between Socioeconomic Status, Type of Insurance and Home Location with Prenatal Diagnosis of Critical Congenital Heart Disease
  116. Maya Stefanelli: The Role of Various Risk Factors That Predispose Swimmers to Shoulder Injury
  117. Chris Swallhah: The Effect of Religiosity on Delinquent Behaviors in North Charleston Adolescents
  118. Anna Tavormina: The Influence of Knitting upon American Military History
  119. Kyle Thayer: The Effect of Adults in a Concussed Student’s Life in the Process of Returning to School
  120. Aaron Thornton: The Effect of Chiropractic Treatment on Chronic Hyperlordosis Affecting Acute Back Pain in the Lower Back Area
  121. Natasha Tirpak: The Effects of Summer League Swimming on Children’s Self-Esteem and Attitudes Toward Swimming
  122. William Tonks: The Conformational Analysis of 1,3,5 Trisilapentane
  123. Sophie Trotter: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Reading
  124. Britney Tsui: Using Post-Consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottles as an Alternative Construction Material
  125. Maddy Turcotte: The Effects of Hyper-Sexualization of Women in Music on Feminism
  126. Alyssa Turk: Cultural Circumstances Allowing Belief in Supernatural Birth: A Comparison of Ancient Greek and Modern Christian Religion
  127. Allie Ugur: The Effects of Westernization on Turkish Culture
  128. Andrew Waddell: Effects of Rapid and Gradual Salinity Change on Coastal Ecology in Charleston, S.C.
  129. Julia Walpole: Determining the Documentary Film Style That Showcases All Star Cheerleading Most Effectively in a Documentary Short Film
  130. Ben Waters: A Study on the Effectiveness of Karen Overall’s Behavioral Treatment Plan
  131. Beckham Watkins: Three-Dimensional Imaging of a Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Cardiomyocyte Spheroid
  132. Paul Whitaker: Production of an Expository Documentary to Inform Adolescents of Opioid Abuse
  133. Haywood White: On the Ontic and Epistemic Implications of Quantum Mechanics for the Philosophy of Science
  134. Maggie Winters: Therapeutic Recreation and the Department in the City of Charleston
  135. Kerri Wong: Development of Cardiac Microtissues for Cell-Based Heart Repair
  136. Zoë Wright: Enhancing the Legal Capacity of Adult Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to Consent to Sex Through a Comprehensive Sex Education Program
  137. Kevin Woods: The Effect of an Implementation of a Hydrofoil on the Performance of a Standard Surfboard Fin
  138. Oliver Yang: Testing the Effects of Erythropoietin on an In Vitro Sample of Skeletal Muscle Cells
  139. Molly Yost: Obesity Rates in Children with Developmental Disabilities
  140. Connor Young: The Effect of the Modulation of Interleukin-Like Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Inducer Protein Levels on the Drug Resistance of Melanoma Cells
  141. Sarah Zhang: Exploring the Role of ER Stress on Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma
  142. Julia Zimlich: The Motivational Effects of a Technology-Based Student Mentoring Program on At-Risk Elementary Students
  143. Capers Zimmerman: Targeted Rapamycin Micelles Decrease Endothelial/T Cell Interactions Providing Protection from Gaft Rejection