Class of 2018 Thesis Stats


As the entire senior class finishes their theses, the junior class begins their treacherous journey. Before winter break, the class of 2018 filled out a form requesting advisors with the tentative title/topic of their thesis. In January, after completing the infamous “winter break homework” assignment for Thesis, each member of the class of 2018 gathered around the list by Mrs. Shifflette’s room to see who they were paired up with.

This year the juniors are heavily leaning towards science theses, with 55 ranging from “Redesigning the IV Catheter” to “Effects of Development on Biodiversity in Tidal and Open Creeks,” which makes up 34% of all of their theses. Arts and Humanities topics such as “Interplay of Poetry Set to Music” is the next popular category with 19%, and psychology topics such as “The Mental, Physical, and Emotional Effects of Stress on Adolescents” closely follow with 18%. Other common categories include Sports theses (9%) like “The Underdog Effect on Tennis Ability”, Nutrition theses (6%) like “Nutritional Food Access in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Communities”, and, most likely due to recent political events, Politics theses (4%) like “Creating a New Presidential Election System”. There are many theses that are so unique that that can’t fit into a category, ranging from “Emergency Preparation Kits for Hurricanes in Haiti” to “Bee Population Awareness,” which make up 15% of all theses.

Note: some of these percentages overlap