Congratulations to the FNHS Inductees!


Each year, the French National Honor Society gains new members to continue the 12-year Magnet tradition. Members must have at least a 93 in their French class each year they are at Magnet, and once they complete the third quarter of French 3, they are invited to be inducted into the exclusive organization. Once they are a member, they must maintain a 93 or above in their current French class and complete 10 hours through crepe sales, the International Dinner, and tutoring others in French each year. All inductees agree to the following pledge: “Par ce flambeau, symbole du transfert des connaissances, je m’engage à continuer sans relâche mes efforts pour m’instruire et transmettre aux futures générations mon amour pour la langue et la culture françaises.”

The graduating senior members include:

Caitlin Facello

Olive Gardner

Zach Harley

Aubrey Hodapp

Charlotte Lucas

Madeline McQuillan

Katherine Moseley

Tyler Nadeau

Lindsay Patterson

Hannah Reed

Erin Schnell

Sophie Trotter

Alyssa Turk

Haywood White

Kerri Wong

Molly Yost

Sarah Zhang

Julia Zimlich

Congratulations to all of the inductees!!

Adriana Ballenger

Razeen Basunia

Evelyn Bi

Meredith Coen

Josh Cumins

Sophie Estoppey

Peyton Funkhouser

Bryn Gerding

Grayson Hasty

Lydia Heath

Garrett Kelly

Tristan Knowles

Davis Leath

Mason Leath

Christopher Littlejohn

Amanda Parker

Paul Puckette

Sidney Simpson

Anna Smirnova

Pauline Wang

Molly Yost

Andrew Zimlich

There is also the final crepe sale of the year this Friday, April 28th. $2 for one crepe and $3 for two!