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Class of 2017 College Decisions

It’s the last week of classes for the class of 2017, which means that our seniors have chosen their desired colleges. As far as Australia to as close to home as College of Charleston, our Raptors are traveling to 26 states, District of Columbia, and around the globe on gap years. Compared to the class of 2016, who had 30.6% go to Clemson and 14.6% to USC, our graduating class has 40 students (27.8%) going to Clemson and 19 students (13.2%) going to USC. A significant difference between the class of 2016 and 2017 is the number of students who will be attending Ivy League universities in the fall. Last year, the class of 2016 had six students, while this year, we have two: Chris Diamond-Hettinger to Cornell University and Anna Tavormina to Harvard University. Three of our students will also be attending military academies: Isabel Eicher and Ethan Linhart will head to Colorado to the Air Force Academy, and Potter Seibels is going to the Naval Academy.

There are many students who will be spending the next four years together, but not at one of our public SC universities. Some of the most popular states where our Raptors are going are North Carolina (7 students), California (5), Virginia (5), Massachusetts (4), Georgia (4), and Louisiana (4). Four of our students are heading to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, seven are going to Furman University, and three are going to Wofford College. Some other statistics include: 84 (58.3%) of our seniors will remain in South Carolina, 99 (68.8%) will attend public universities, 27 students (18.8%) are going to honors colleges, and five students are taking gap years before heading off to college.

Best of luck to all of our seniors on the next chapter of their lives!

Sam Austin: College of Charleston

Jack Barna: University of South Carolina

Grace Beischel: Clemson University

Sophie Bello: University of South Carolina Honors College

Blake Bernard: Clemson University

Elizabeth Anne Boling: Berry College Honors College

Capers Borders: Marywood University

Ella Bovender: University of South Carolina Honors College

Bobby Boyles: Clemson University Honors College

Nathan Bradley: College of Charleston Honors College

Sophie Brams: Tulane University

Chris Brown: Rochester Institute of Technology

Reilly Burgin: Clemson University

Julius Cale: College of Charleston

Jack Carroll: Clemson University

Liam Christensen: Stanford University

Grace Christoph: Mercer University

Danielle Colbrunn: Clemson University Honors College

Conor Coleman: Clemson University

Katie Conley: University of New Mexico Honors College

Elsa Crowe: NC State University

Jacob Crowley: Clemson University

João da Costa: Clemson University

Faith Dalzell: Arizona State University Honors College

Zach Dalzell: Pepperdine University

Shaoni Dasgupta: Clemson University

Abby de Arellano: University of South Carolina Honors College

Lexi DeHart: Rhodes College

Ali DeLambo: American University

Sarah Cate Demos: Clemson University

Christopher Diamond-Hettinger: Cornell University

Trevor DiGerolamo: Stanford University

Lidia DiPaolo: University of South Carolina

Evan Dockery: College of Charleston

Thomas Dorfner: University of Alabama, Huntsville Honors College

Isabel Eicher: United States Air Force Academy

Caitlin Facello: Furman University

Sarah Feingold: Furman University

Tom Feingold: Furman University

Maxim Fisher: University of Miami

Grace Ford-Dirks: The College of William and Mary

Hannah Frankel: Middlebury College

Madison Freedy: Sewanee- The University of the South

Olive Gardner: University of Chicago

Campbell Garrard: The Citadel

Brandon Gee: Clemson University

Mikey Goltra: Brigham-Young University

Ethan Grantham: Furman University

Janelle Green: Claflin University

Maya Haley: University of South Carolina

Addison Haly: Clemson University

Zach Harley: Clemson University

Jack Heeke: University of Delaware

Emma Hillis: Tulane University

Aubrey Hodapp: Clemson University

Grayson Holem: Clemson University

Ben Holmes: Georgia Tech

Nina Howard: University of Georgia Honors College

Zach Hunter: Clemson University

Mackenzie Jenkins: Winthrop University Honors College

Qining Jin: University of California, Los Angeles

Cory Johnson: University of South Carolina Honors College

Hanna Kent: Clemson University

Isabella Knowles: University of South Carolina

Sohan Kotecha: Clemson University

English Laserna: Clemson University Honors College

Quinn Laudenslager: University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Angel Legare: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Martyn Lemon: Clemson University Honors College

Nate LeRoy: Tulane University

Henry Lesesne: Wofford College

Nicole Lindbergh: Duke University

Ethan Linhart: United States Air Force Academy

Jacob Lipton: Clemson University

Campbell Long: Furman University

Charlotte Lucas: Furman University

Erika Ludden: Clemson University

India Manigault: Sara Lawrence College

Hannah Massar: University of South Carolina Honors College

Jack McElhinney: Clemson University Honors College

Maggie McMillan: Winthrop University

Madeline McQuillan: The College of William and Mary

Samantha Moody: University of Alabama Honors College

Ellie Moore: Wofford College

Aldo Moreno-Reyes: Clemson University

Katie Moseley: Furman University

Christopher Moss: Clemson University

Sara Moussa: Michigan State University

Sully Murdock: University of South Carolina

Dunbar Myrick: Furman University

Tyler Nadeau: University of South Carolina

Olivia Norman: Boston University

Ryan Pace: University of Alabama

Anjali Pandey: Clemson University

Alex Pastis: Clemson University

Lindsay Patterson: University of Washington

Connor Pizii: University of South Carolina

Jackson Pogue: Lafayette College

Jessica Putnam: National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia

Nafisa Rahimberganova: University of South Carolina Honors College

Gabi Rauls: University of Wisconsin Honors College

Hannah Reed: Washington and Lee University

Sara Reineke: Clemson University Honors College

Alec Robinovitz: College of Charleston Honors College

Liam Rowley: Film Production

Lily Rumph: Clemson University Honors College

Joe Sanders: University of Virginia

Erin Schnell: Tulane University

Kara Schwacke: Wofford College

Potter Seibels: United States Naval Academy

Carter Shubert: University of South Carolina

Amelia Sizemore: Clemson University

Garrett Smith: Texas A&M University

McKelvey Smith: Anderson University

Emma Sossamon: Elon University

Abby Spencer: University of South Carolina

Maya Stefanelli: Smith College

Chris Swallhah: University of South Carolina

Anna Tavormina: Harvard University

Kyle Thayer: Clemson University

Aaron Thornton: University of South Carolina

Natasha Tirpak: Winthrop University

William Tonks: University of Virginia

Sophie Trotter: College of Charleston

Britney Tsui: Clemson University Honors College

Maddy Turcotte: Clemson University

Alyssa Turk: Winthrop University

Allie Ugur: Clemson University

Andrew Waddell: University of South Carolina

Julia Walpole: University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Ben Waters: Clemson University

Beckham Watkins: College of Charleston

Paul Whitaker: College of Charleston

Haywood White: Gap Year

Maggie Winters: University of South Carolina Honors College

Kerri Wong: Clemson University Honors College

Kevin Woods: Pitzer College

Zoë Wright: Clark University

Oliver Yang: Clemson University Honors College

Molly Yost: Clemson University

Connor Young: Clemson University

Sarah Zhang: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Julia Zimlich: University of Notre Dame

Capers Zimmerman: Washington University in St. Louis

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