My Podcast Recommendations!

Olivia Niesse’s frequently listened to podcasts


I keep writing articles for this newspaper that make me sound nerdy. But I just want to share with you guys the best podcasts I love to listen to. I listen to podcasts all the time: before I go to bed, in the car, when I take my dog on a walk, and sometimes even when I work out. Also, I love music, and this is not a dis on listening to music. It’s just sometimes I would rather listen to a podcast because it makes you activate your brain. I feel like it is similar to listening to audible books but you get to pick out a specific category that you particularly enjoy. Some of the categories include comedy, science, music, news/politics, health, etc. So here are my suggestions:

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey by Casey Neistat and Candice Pool. This series is 19 episodes long where the couple discusses their marriage, parenting, friendship, and essentially their whole lives on this show. Sadly, this podcast is no longer active and I remember being sad when the couple didn’t continue. 

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Casey Neistat he is a very famous Youtuber and filmmaker. He is known for his vlog-style content that came out every single day for years. I used to like to watch his stuff which is why I started listening to their podcast so I could hear the behind-the-scenes of their lives. 

Dissect by Cole Cuchna is an incredible podcast about the dissection of music. It’s really fun to listen to because the host of the show touches on some of my favorite artists. He has dissected albums from Childish Gambino, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and many more. The listener gets to better understand the artist and the meaning behind their lyrics. 

Ear Biscuits by Rhett and Link. You guys may know these guys from their famous Youtube show called Good Mythical Morning. This 40ish-year-old guys’ podcast was the first show I started listening to. This is a podcast that all different people from all different walks of life could listen to. My brother introduced me to them and I later shared it with my mom. All three of us enjoy listening to their candid conversations about what is new in their lives. 

Cults by the Parcast Network. This podcast uncovers cults, the followers, and the leaders in two-part episodes. I typically listen to this one when I am going to sleep because it is a prepared script so it is soothing to listen to. 

Smartless by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. I am a pretty big fan of all three of these guys so it is super entertaining to listen to what they have to say. These guys are also friends with lots of incredibly famous people like actual friends with them. So each week one of the guys picks a guest to come on the show and the other two guys have no idea who they picked. Some of the guests have been Jenifer Aniston, Billie Eilish, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, and so many more. It is just cool to listen to because you as the listener get an insight into some of your favorite stars’ lives. 

Views by David Dobrik and Jason Nash. David (24) and Jason (45) are unique duos that talk about their lives in the Youtube world and behind the scenes of David’s famous vlogs. I enjoy listening to them because they actually can make me laugh and they make the podcast feel as though you are friends with them because they share a lot of personal parts of themselves on that platform. 

TMG by Noel Miller and Cody Ko. These guys are also known for their Youtube channels. This podcast is probably one of my favorites to listen to. Although, I would not recommend this one to everyone because it is pretty explicit but they are probably one of the funniest podcasts on the internet. They also do stand-up shows around the world and just have great stories to tell like the time they went to Elon Musk’s house or hung out with Post Malone. 

Pardon My Take by Big Cat and PFT Commenter. This is a Barstool Sports podcast so you know it is a good one. I am a girl (I don’t follow football all that much) and a lot of the time they talk football on this show so I usually put this one on to fall asleep to. But overall these guys are so goofy they will make you laugh and so worth the listen because they also have some very famous athletes that make appearances on the show.