The Girls Golf Team Takes on Stratford, First Match of the Season


The mighty Academic Magnet Girls Golf Team 2020 is made up of seven girls:  Sr. Christina Dolan, Sr. Rachel Ackerman, Sr. Olivia Niesse, Jr. Sophia Fetten, Jr. Mckenna Ronchetto, So. Courtney Hall, and So. Maysen Ronchetto. Last Monday the team  set out on the Patriots Point Links golf course to take on their opponent Stratford High School. A few of the girls were slightly apprehensive because it was the first match they had ever played in. In addition to the pre-game anxiety, the sun was sweltering and the sweat was profuse. Although, there were returning players this year that lead the way and guided the other girls around the course. The girls played a total of 9 holes making it around only half of the course. Also, to keep the game moving the girls played with the Pick-Up-Rule which is when the player reaches a certain number of attempts you pick the ball up and continue to the next hole so they do not hold up other players behind them. It was a tough match and as Mr. Stackhouse put it “we got smoked”. The match concluded around 7 o’clock. The Stratford girls came out on top with a score of 188 and AMHS trailing behind with 239. Despite the score the Magnet girls went home with their heads held high, ready for their next match. Also, what is most important everyone had fun. 

How did you feel about the first match? 

Rachel Ackerman- It was tough, very, though. I feel like we did our best.  I learned that I need at least three water bottles with me and that it’s important to not take yourself not too seriously and remember why you are there, to enjoy the view, and feel the ocean air.

Christina Dolan- Well, my putter only came out twice. That is it. That’s what happened. I maxed out on every hole. But no dis to Stack; he’s a great coach. 



Mon.  Sept. 14  4:00  Stratford


Mon.  Sept. 21  4:00  First Baptist 


Mon.  Sept. 28  4:00 Cane Bay 


Mon.  Oct. 5      4:00 James Island 


Tues.  Oct. 6     2:00  Cane Bay