Help Women in Need with Lillian Stackhouse

Fashion Design Project


Lillian Stackhouse, a fashion design student at the Charleston County School of the Arts has put together an opportunity for students to collect feminine hygiene products for women in need. She is a talented artist who decided to use her skills as a designer to inform people about her cause. Jason Stackhouse, her father and teacher at Academic Magnet, hopes that spreading the word to Academic Magnet students will increase engagement and participation with her project. Lillian put together a stunning design made out of pad wrappers, women’s magazines, and parts of a recycled shower curtain with the intentions of spreading awareness. Her aim is to collect feminine hygiene products for women that do have any. Lillian stated “that many low-income women cannot afford to buy menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons. Period products are not covered by government assistance programs and are taxed at 6%.  Not having these hygiene products affects a woman’s self-esteem and her ability to go to work, school, and live her life.”

With the help of both SOA and AMHS campuses, women that are not fortunate enough to have these necessary products will have access to these products. Lillian is asking to “please help a woman in need by donating a package of pads or tampons and give thanks that you, your wife, daughter, and mother have access to these products each month.” Many women live their lives each month without these items, so I hope the AMHS students and parents will take this opportunity to help others get what they need. If you feel inclined to help with this project Mr. Stackhousehas opened his room as a drop off spot. His room number is 7201 and donations are now until November 30th. After all the donations are collected they will be delivered to the Helping Hands of Goose Creek and/or the My Sister’s House. Every donation will be greatly appreciated. And both Lillian and Mr. Stackhouse send their thanks.