Do You Need a Pair of Blue Light Glasses?


These sleek clear framed blue light glasses are unisex. They are outfitted with the lens that filter out the harmful light from electronics.

Due to Covid-19 there has undoubtedly been a rise in the time spent on computers. The world has many unanswered questions right now due to these uncertain times. There is no telling when things will be back to normal and so the time spent on screens does not look like it will be reducing anytime soon. Many offices and schools have incorporated the use of technology far more into the school/work days than ever before and in some cases it has been a very successful move and because of this they are planning to keep it that way even when Covid-19 has passed. So, maybe it is time to invest in a pair of blue light glasses? 

 What exactly is blue light? According to Blutech they define blue light as a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by human eyes. Blue light is a short wavelength, which means it produces higher amounts of energy. This particular blue light is artificial that comes from various electronics and sometimes certain types of lighting.  An overexposure to this type of light can cause damage to the eye. Some  common side effects of over consumption of blue light that occur are blurry vision and headaches which could make it hard to complete the tasks at hand on the computer. 

Also, how do they work? These types of glasses do not contain any prescription; they are used to protect the eyes from taking in high amounts of blue light for long periods of time. The lenses on the glasses block and filter out the LED light given off by digital screens to limit the eyes from exposure. This ensures the eyes clarity and sharpness is not being hindered.  Similar to how a pair of sunglasses works and how they can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Now…what are the benefits? Besides the obvious protection that a pair of blue light glasses can provide against eye strains, another benefit of owning a pair of blue light glasses is that they can even be stylish or used as a fashion statement. I know most people don a pair of sunglasses to look cool, so why not make a statement inside too and continue to protect your eyes.


Interested in buying a pair? (varying prices (low to high)):
These black and clear frame glasses can be found on amazon for less than twenty dollars. These would be a great set to try out if you are new to blue light glasses.





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These sleek clear framed blue light glasses are unisex. They are outfitted with the lens that filter out the harmful light from electronics.

Elegant framed glasses are part of the Tom Ford Blue Block Collection. The classic light weight aviator shape will never go out of style