Rating Grammy Outfits 2021

Olivia Niesse’s Opinions On Celebs Looks

Taylor Swift- I always think she looks beautiful in whatever she wears. Although, I just think this is a predictable look for her that she could have taken this dress off the rack at Anthropologie. But her shoessss on the other hand, the pink Louboutin heels, were to die for.



Dua Lipa- She looks stunning. It is a very flashy dress but she pulls it off effortlessly modestly. I am speechless. The butterfly bodice is a stunning detail. I guess I should have added at the beginning that I didn’t even watch the Grammys lol. So these are my initial reactions. But I actually did hear a lot about this dress, she was trending because she left people with their jaws dropped. 




Phoebe Bridgers- I really liked this look. It might be because I love Halloween and all the fun costumes that come with it. I also like this because it is unique to her, this looks like no other dress. And I like it when someone is independent in how they dress. This allows her character and style to be on display rather than in fashion.



Beyonce- Gosh. She looks amazing. The dress fits her unbelievably well, but I could have done without the massive earrings. I think those earrings take away from her natural beauty and they were not a needed accessory. 




Cardi B- Her performance outfit reminded me of something that Katy Perry would have worn like 5 years ago. The metallic pink also makes her look like a superhero which is definitely not a bad thing. Also, the pink hair. The pink hair was fire. 



Lizzo- Sorry Lizzo I did not like this dress. It looked like she could have bought it off Asos. The length was awkward and I wish she would have done more. This look was kind of boring. Though, her necklace was killer and looked like it would cost a house mortgage.  



Harry Styles- Outstanding as always. It was a very on-brand look that hit all the trends right now. Green is very much in and he incorporated that boa into his look and I actually wish he had just worn the trendy form-fitting leather suit. To be completely honest though anything he wears I will like. He is a gorgeous human being.



Billie Eilish- Holyyyyyy. Dude her outfit is so cool. Go off Gucci. I really love that everything she is wearing matches, the hat, the nails, and the MASK. She also looks mega comfy which I think is very important because it allows her to be confident.