A Former Student and Parent Perspective of AMHS


As my high school career is coming to an end I decided to seek out my mom and brother’s perspective on Magnet to find out what this school means to them. I first asked Jack Niesse, my brother and a former Raptor a few questions.

And here’s how is went:

Do you think Magnet helped prepare you for college? Yes, I think that magnet preparation is unlike any other. Going to school is so much easier in college because you already masters the skills you need to succeed in high school.

Was/Is your college courses similar to the AP classes you took? No college course are structured very different than AP classes. College has less teacher involvement. It’s more independent work in college.

What teachers teach most like a college professor? Mr. Murphy’s class is most similar. He teaches in a style that is you need to know what is happening when it’s happening. He’s not slowing down for the slackers.

What classes did you benefit most from? English 1 with Mrs. Benton. I know it was years ago but I feel like she taught me how to be a significantly better writer. Writing in college is importan;t most professors are surprised and happy with my writing at school.

Are you still friends with people that went to magnet? Did you build lifelong relationships? Yes, most of my good friends now went to magnet. I know once you go to college you need to branch out and do your own thing, but the relationships I made at magnet are stronger and more beneficial than any other non-magnet relationships I’ve made.

Best memory? The family dynamic. I was thinking about all the great memories I made in high school and there are so many that stick out, but one thing I noticed was that I was surrounded by a great group of people.

Worst memory? Worst memory for me would have to be getting my first paper back in Mrs. Benton’s class. I received a 24 out of 100 lowest grade I had ever gotten in my life. I was ready to quit on the spot.

Best advice for the kids at magnet now? Make the best of it. Have fun. Let loose. One C isn’t going to kill you. Enjoy every minute of it. It only happens once in your life.

Talk to me about the sports at magnet and what they did for you? My first friends were kids I met during the summer for the swim team. I treasured those friends because I didn’t know anyone else at all. They helped me be more comfortable and not feel alone. Playing lacrosse and also swimming was the best decision I ever made. Sports allowed me to have a tight knit group of best friends, use time management, and stay fit. I loved every second of it. I miss being on a team in college.

Did you ever get in trouble? Or something you probably should have gotten in trouble for? I’m not sure if I was just an amazing student or if Ms. Pinckney would cut me some slack because I deserved to be in trouble much more often than I was.

If you had kids would you send them to AMHS? Yes and no. This school is drastically changing as we speak. I would love to send my kids to my version of Academic Magnet. This the best school in the country academically, but it’s also so much fun out of the classrooms. It makes for a perfect happy medium of pleasure and pain. This school would teach my kids great lessons.

Then I asked Andrea Niesse, my mom and parent to two AMHS students, and here are some of her reponses:

Do the pros outweigh the cons for your child? Some days yes, some days no.

Did this environment help your child socially? Yes, the small environment and having like-minded students to engage with was a very positive experience for both of my children.  It also allowed them to participate in sports and other activities very easily, which was also a huge plus.

Traditions you love that take place at magnet? Spirit week and the overall enthusiasm for cheering for the Raptors.  It instilled camaraderie and loyalty.

Best memory?  Best memories have come from the countless kids that have been welcomed into our home because of the friendships made in the halls of Magnet.  I also appreciate the teacher/student relationships developed between my children and educators that really cared about my children.

Worst memory?  The heartache and stress caused by interactions with educators that should not be in the profession that seem to have little understanding or compassion for their students.  And, seem to have forgotten that they are still kids.

Did this school prepare your child for their future? Yes

After sending two children to this school, hypothetically if you had a third would you send them here?  No, the stress level and workload was ridiculous and unnecessary.