Fresh Meat: New Officers for AMHS Class of 2019


Freshmen Class officers (from left to right): Vice President Ivy Lu, President Jackson Ray, Treasurer Bohan Wang

The new school year means new freshmen – and new freshmen class officers. The class of 2019 recently elected Jackson Ray as President, Ivy Lu as Vice President, and Bohan Wang as Treasurer. There is no Secretary for the freshmen class this year.

When asked why he stood out among the other candidates, President Jackson said that he is more confident, which appealed to his fellow classmates. He doesn’t have any specific plans just yet, but he did say that his classmates’ requests are “still in the process.” He does say that if anything, he would like to improve the bus conditions at AMHS.

Vice President Ivy Lu says she’s here to serve and do her best. She wants to participate in activities and get to know her class better. She believes that her campaign was strong because of her experience in public speaking, since she participated in multiple spelling bees in middle school. Ivy is excited for this school year to have a greater responsibility and help out her peers. Her diverse talents extend from public speaking to pogo-sticking, so she is obviously a qualified officer.

Treasurer Bohan Wang ran unopposed, but we know he would have won regardless! He is looking forward to planning big projects to make this year a “satisfactory one.” His most ambitious assertion is that the freshmen will beat out the upperclassmen, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Coffee-addicted Bohan takes pride in being a freshman, and he will make sure to deliver his constituents’ promises.

While the officers claim that they have a lot in store for the 2015-2016 school year, only time will tell. Good luck, Class of 2019!