Freshmen Q & A

Hello Raptor Nation, with the new class of freshman’s arrival at the Academic Magnet comes a new freshman article in the newspaper; my name is Collin Brientnall I’m here to answer the burning questions of these young children and spread my wisdom as a senior. I went to y’alls study hall and asked for you guys to send me questions, I received a lot of submissions and will do my best to answer!


Question 1: How do you stay organized and on track in school while dealing with outside school stuff?

Answer: I wish there was a simple answer to this but truthfully it’s different for everyone. I know personally it took me awhile to learn how to balance social life with scholar life, but I think realizing you’re gonna have to make some sacrifices is a good start to figuring out what works for you. Also in my opinion, teachers at magnet tend to over exaggerate how much work you have to do outside of school (you don’t really need to study for every class every day for 30 minutes)


Question 2: I feel like my current friends at magnet aren’t the people I’m really supposed to be friends with, what should I do? 

Answer: Drop them. Live your truth. If you aren’t liking the vibes they’re giving then leave. It’s better to put more energy into finding actual genuine friends than it is to put energy into convincing yourself that you are happy with your current friends. Also, it might seem like a big deal now but no one is going to care about your leaving friend groups in a year or two considering how much drama there will be freshman year anyway.


Question 3: How would you describe magnet in 3 words?

Answer: Like the 1994 classic film “Dumb and dumber”.


Question 4: Is Magnet really as straining as it seems to be? 

Answer: Yes, but it’s worth it. 


Question 5: What is/was your favorite class?

Answer: Tough one. I’d have to say it is a tie between Mr. Corson’s “Intro to Computer Science” and Mr. Stackhouse’s “AP Psychology”. Unfortunately y’all will never experience the joy of being able to take naps and play hot seat all while learning to code as Corson left magnet after my freshman year. You will however get to experience the excitement of taking personality quizzes and having class DMCs (deep meaningful conversations) in Mr. Stackhouse’s psychology class your junior or senior year. 


Question 6: Things to avoid at magnet?

Answer: Here is a short list of things to avoid. Ms. Spencer and Mr. McCormick: when you aren’t wearing an ID. Ms. Pinckney: when you’re not in the mood for metaphors. The guidance counselors: if you have below a 4.0 GPA. Me: in general. 


Well that’s all I have for y’all freshman! If you have any questions that I did not answer or get to, I wish you the best of luck figuring it out.