Freshman Officer Profile: Devon Mulligan


What inspired you to run for office?

“I’ve always loved writing and so I thought it would be good because secretaries obviously they write lot so I thought it would be fitting. And I also love talking to people and just being involved in school spirit and stuff to do with our school and I thought nobody is running for secretary so why not give it a try. Freshman year!”

What’s your main goal this year?

“My main goal is to just get everything connected because I know with a lot of the focus classes they aren’t getting the information they need so it is my job as secretary to is to obviously relay information so I’m trying to do that we have a google form going with all the class focus reps on it and we have weekly meetings where we just talk about what’s supposed to be going on.”

What is one thing you want the AMHS student body to know about you?

“I’m just here if you want to know anything or anything about What’s going on with student council just come talk to me, I’m an open book. I’m not scary. “