Lunch Ratings: Exposing Magnet Students

When AMHS students sit down for lunch, the power of hunger attracts all focus upon their individual lunches. Allow us to take a step back, reviewing and rating the afternoon meals of our fellow raptors. Now, inherently this article is subjective, but I will strive to keep it fair and honest. The scores of each lunch are relative to one another. 


Boris Pekar, 6.4

Boris is known around the senior class as unwrapping his tin foil and gobbling down anywhere from 3-6 sandwiches mid-instruction. The day the survey was gathered Boris had one granny smith apple with 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches using apricot jam and creamy peanut butter spread across classic white bread. Oftentimes he will carry around turkey and mayo sandwiches, but the PB & J lunch is under review today. The simplicity of Boris’s lunch is respected, along with the mildly nutritional aspect. Due to the limited diversity within his lunchbox, Boris definitely loses a couple of points. There is no shame in bringing a simple lunch, but it clearly shows a lack of time spent on the creation of his meal. Overall, the lunch deserves a 6.4 in comparison to the other lunches connected. 


Mary Blake Hand, 9.1

Mary Blake was extremely proud of her lunch, to say the least. When she heard I was doing this article, she confronted me in the hallway with the request to rate hers. Her main course featured a caesar salad, and she noted that she makes five salads at the beginning of each week (flavor differing by week). Although there are no cooling agents, the lunchbox also contains a side of caesar dressing. Mary Blake’s sides consisted of a LARA Peanut Butter chocolate chip bar, Annie’s cheddar squares, and Back to Nature mini-classic cream cookies. 

Going into depth on these snacks, we can observe the main theme: healthy. LARA bars are known for lacking artificial syrups and flours, Annie’s cheddar squares, although seen as off-brand Cheezits, lack the extreme salt, and as observed by the wrapper, the mini-classic cream cookies are plant-based. We must admire Mary Blake for carrying around such a plethora of off-brand snacks, as she clearly cares for her health. She is deserving of a 9.1 rating due to the thoughtfulness regarding her health and the time she clearly put into the meal. 


David Hamilton, 7.9

David’s lunch is definitely deserving of some jealousy. A fairly simple meal, his lunch first featured some leftover slices of Papa John’s Pizza. Here is where I must be subjective: Papa John’s is most definitely the best fast-food pizza restaurant and cold, leftover pizza is amazing. His meal also contained a pumpkin spice muffin and a chocolate chip granola bar. These, undoubtedly, great tasting sides add to the simplicity of David’s lunch. The criticism which must be observed is the simplicity, along with the mixture of foods. Do pizza and muffins and granola bars go together? A subjective question which I was forced to reveal with the score: 7.9. 


Eric Bell, 6.8

Eric’s lunch was also a simplistic meal. There is not very much to say about it; he had a simple, ham and cheese sandwich along with Lays Classic Chips. Similar to Mary Blake, Eric’s low-cal lunch entails a sense of health. He is admirable for the pride at which he announced the contents of his lunchbox. Ham and cheese sandwiches are pretty standard, and no one can go wrong with Lays Classic’s; Mr. Bell deserves a 6.8. 


Max Farricielli, 8.8

Max was extremely reluctant to reveal the contents of his lunch; he was essentially exposed and forced by his peers. My first observation was a cylinder of Petit Pot Vegan Pudding. Bringing back the aspect of health, the pudding is all-natural and 100% plant based. In other words, Max made a great choice looking out for his health. Whether it tastes good is something that will be reflected in the rating. The pearl of Max’s lunch was a fish and mayo sandwich on ciabatta bread. Ciabatta bread is exceptional, and we must note that if one likes fish, he or she would most definitely be interested in Farricielli’s sandwich. How often do you see a fish sandwich on ciabatta bread with Chick-fil-a Mayonnaise? Exactly. He also had a small collection of vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, adding the crunch to his lunch. To top it off, Max was chomping down on a Cliff Builder Protein bar, a new addition to the Cliff Bar brand, and a bite that tastes amazing. Overall, his diversified pallet earns him an 8.8. 


Eva Inman, 8.2

Caesar salad. Diet Coke. Honestly, there is not much wrong with this lunch. Diet Coke’s are great, and Caesar salad is great. The main demerit of this lunch is the lack of diversity. Compared to other lunches reviewed, Eva lacks quantity, but as long as she is happy, I truly don’t think this is an issue; nonetheless, it does affect her score. She is deserving of an 8.2. 


Lindsey Griffin, 7.58

Lindsey’s lunch was also fairly undiversified, but featured a tasty main course. Does a tortilla wrap with cheddar cheese, ham and mustard sound good to you? Besides the mustard, this definitely appeals to my senses. Wraps are an underrated novelty in the food world. Lindsey also came to school toting a peach mango green tea Celsius. Judging by the long flavor title, the drink is most definitely very tasty, as are most Celsiuses. Due to the tasty wrap and exquisite drink flavor, Lindsey is deserving of a 7.58 rating. 


Amaris Wint, 7.2

Ham seems to be a popular ingredient in this small sample of AMHS students’ lunches. Amaris is no different. On the day of the sample, she packed with her a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and a blueberry Chobani yogurt. The lettuce within her ham and cheese sandwich adds a nice crunch, along with the obvious health benefits. Chobani yogurt is a classic item that definitely deserves more recognition, as it most definitely suffices flavorfully as well as healthily. Overall, Amaris’s meal is deserving of a 7.2; it is a simple lunch that definitely tastes good and benefits health.