What Your Favorite Drink Says About You – Drink Alignment Chart



Mountain Dew – lawful evil – Yes, I understand you drink it because it has caffeine, but I think there has got to be a better way to get your caffeine in without drinking a bright green drink. Maybe it’s just me, but something about Mountain Dew is so off-putting to me. Side Note: Google says that Mountain Dew is citrus flavor? Honestly I didn’t think there was any flavor in mind when they created this, they just threw things in. 

Black Coffee – lawful neutral. As far as coffee goes, this is the healthiest way to drink it, but something about drinking black coffee doesn’t sit right with me, I just think you might not have a soul if you’re 17 and drinking black coffee. I do think it goes in the neutral category because it doesn’t have an excessive amount of caffeine or sugar, so I’ll give it that. 

Iced coffee – chaotic good. Tastes good, but not as much caffeine as an energy drink. Overall better than black coffee because it has more personality. It’s chaotic because the combination of sugar and caffeine are bound to leave you bouncing off the wall. 

Tea – lawful good. Tea is lawful good because it’s got a small amount of caffeine and it’s overall known as a calming drink. If you drink tea in the morning then I think you’re weird, but definitely very chill so it is obviously lawful good. 

Bang/Reign/Any other energy drink – chaotic evil. I think this one speaks for itself. You should not be cracking open a Bang and consuming 300 mg of caffeine in first period. Just sleep. Go to bed before 3 a.m. 

Water – true neutral. Waking up and drinking a glass of cold water is probably the most neutral thing you can do. There’s no caffeine but I think avoiding dehydration is better than being over-caffeinated. 

Nothing – chaotic neutral. Honestly you’ve got to be a psychopath if there is no liquid you put in your body before the day starts. I can’t imagine the level of dehydration you must have if you wake up in the morning and just don’t drink anything. 

Green smoothie – neutral evil. It’s neutral because it’s healthy, but evil because it tastes horrible. It ends up in the evil category because it’s a green drink and has no caffeine. Need I say more? 

Diet Coke – neutral good. Diet Coke is a basic morning drink. It’s made for the people who hate coffee but still need caffeine in the morning. I think it goes in the good category because its only about 50 mg of caffeine in a can.