Best (and worst) Breakfast Foods to Eat on a School Morning

It’s the most important meal of the day

School morning breakfasts are hard, and with a wide range of things to eat, how do you decide what meal to eat? I have laid out a variety of breakfast foods here to rate by taste, ease, and car edibility (because almost all of us have to eat our breakfast on the go). 


Cereal is, in general, a good breakfast, but it must be eaten as soon as poured to prevent any sogginess. It’s bad food to eat when driving, so it must be eaten at home, unless you’re eating dry cereal (no milk), in which case it’s a perfect driving food in my opinion. Overall 7/10.

Eggs are one of the worst breakfast foods in my opinion. The texture is questionable and they’re terrible when they get cold. For car edibility they receive a 2/10 because you have to have the confidence to eat with a fork while driving. They’re also a hassle to make because you have to get out a pan and crack an egg ect ect. Overall 2/10. 

Pancakes are basic, but they’re easy and quick. I have a certain skill that I have acquired in that I can make pancakes in 5 minutes flat. I like chocolate chip pancakes so they’re not very portable, but I think plain pancakes could be pretty easily eaten with hands while driving, as long as you’re okay with bypassing syrup. Overall 7/10.

Waffles are 10 times better than pancakes. The texture is better and I just overall prefer waffles to pancakes. Plain waffles are 10/10 for car edibility, but similar to pancakes, syrup waffles while driving is a bad idea. Overall 6/10. 

Oatmeal is my breakfast of choice for school mornings. Hear me out here. I know it’s really controversial but hear me out. It’s quick, easy, and tastes good. 60 seconds flat and I’ve got a bowl of oatmeal and I can eat it when driving. Overall 9/10

Bagels are a good breakfast food, and they can be easily eaten while driving. There is pretty much no prepwork in making a bagel in the morning. Bonus points if there’s cream cheese. Car edibility is a solid 7/10 because it’s an easy finger food, but if you drop the bagel, it’s bound to land cream cheese side down on your pants. Overall 8/10.

Cinnamon Rolls are a hit or miss. Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are a solid 4/10 in taste, but those big cinnamon rolls from bakeries are 10/10. As far as a school morning breakfast, cinnamon rolls are pretty unrealistic. In my opinion, cinnamon rolls have to be served warm, so unless you’re waking up early enough to bake them, cinnamon rolls are a bad school morning breakfast. Overall 4/10.

Croissants are yummy but messy. Croissant don’t have much taste so they’re pretty neutral and I think that everyone likes croissants. the downside is that if you’re eating a croissant while driving then you’re going to need to vacuum the crumbs off your lap, because there’s no way to eat one without a thousand tiny pieces going everywhere. Overall 6/10.