Class of 2022 College Majors

What is the Class of 2022 majoring in?


With college deadlines quickly approaching, I have surveyed the Class of 2022 to find out the most popular majors within the senior class. Below is a list of all individuals that responded to the survey and their corresponding major/majors that they are considering. After receiving this information, I compiled percentages that indicated the most popular majors within the senior class. Thank you to all the seniors who responded to the survey!


Individual Majors:

April Johnson: Biology/Animal Sciences

Dominik Dimicco: Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering

Anson Clark: Psychology

Kaylin Morris: Biology

Grant Goldsmith: Computer Science

Mary Archambault: Undecided

McKenna Ronchetto: English/Education

Gracie Mochizuki: Psychology

Marshall Fleming: Pre-Denistry/Business

Ada Skradski: Animal Sciences/Biology

Emma Helen Inman: Social Work/Global Studies

Sophie McLean: Nursing/Pre-Med

Rebecca Marhefka: International Relations

Jeremiah Benton: Mechanical Engineering/Space Engineering

LaPortia Scott: Neurobiology/Neuroscience

Ava Brunson: Journalism

Caroline Horton: Animal Sciences

Hallie Cole: Communications/Journalism/Marketing

Cameron Thelan: Nursing

William Hyatt: Business

Meriem Bazine: Environmental Studies/Arabic

Chloe Wren: Pre-Med

Nicole Drucker: Exercise Science

Aditi Das: Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering

Teagan Domm: Business/Journalism

Regan Brown: Legal Studies/Business

Mary Compton: International Business

Kevin Fan: Biochemistry

Logan Nguyen: Biomedical Engineering

Mia Van Hagen: Biology

Gabriel Medlin: Mechanical Engineering

Leo Sparacino: Computer Science/Game Design

Aaron Causey: Psychology

Alden Klemm: Finance

Molly Marino: Chemical Engineering

Emily Weber: Meteorology/Coastal Engineering

Lulu Grubb: Computer Science

Ella Jones: Environmental Engineering

Kate Walldorf: Environmental Thought and Practice

Carter Limbert: Undecided

M Dillard: Psychology

McClainn Stoklossa: Physiology/Business

Maggie Garrigan: Sustainability

Miley Phillips: Biological Sciences

Inés Carrillo: Journalism/Communications/English

Lauren Peagler: Psychology

Sam Whelan: Business Management

Mia Matthews: Engineering

Brett Cox: Business

Charlie Kuyper: Business

Grace Ray: Psychology/Environmental Science

Mikhael Douglass: Environmental Studies

Lucy Manuel: Undecided

Mark Myers: Writing

Taryn Crowley: Journalism/Communications

Jack Norman: Undecided

Will Brown: Agricultural Engineering

Maddie Anderson: Performing Arts

Tee Anderson: Mechanical Engineering

Izzy Custer: Criminology

Alex Levin: Pre-Med

Wesley Hawes: Biology

Bailey Phelan: Psychology

Caleb Cayouette: Computer Science

Jack Hill: Chemical Engineering

Asher Wallen: Engineering

Claudia Rose Perkis: Public Policy/Economics

Leddy Scheurer: Public Health

Joy Jaroscak: Engineering

Nola Webb- Journalism


Out of 70 total respondents, students picked a total of 49 different majors. To compile the percentages below, I have grouped each major into larger and more broad categories, which are listed below in order of most popular to least popular.

Most Popular Majors:

Engineering: 17.8%

Business/Finance/Economics: 13.6%

English/Journalism: 10.9%

Psychology/Criminology: 10.9%

Biology/Chemistry: 9.5%

Environmental Science/Sustainability: 8.2%

Pre-Med/Nursing/Public Health: 8.2%

Computer Science: 5.4%

Undecided: 5.4%

Animal Sciences: 4.1%

Exercise Science: 2.7%

Global Relations: 2.7%

Languages/Arts: 2.7%

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