Lessons Learned Senior Year

Things I Learned as a Senior


Obviously these past two school years have been…different. The COVID-19 pandemic has plagued us all and quite literally halted life. Along with this came many changes to our school year. I for one, finally started online school which is something I’d dreamt about since freshman year. But this also meant missing out on a lot of in person activities. Some of these things I had seen seniors do for years before me. However, things were different this year due to restrictions. There were other problems that plagued me throughout the school year too. Had I  taken others’ warnings seriously though, I would’ve been much less surprised. All in all though, my senior year has been epic. And I wish to share my knowledge with you guys looking back so maybe yours will be easier. 


  • Senioritis is real! And only a few will escape it.

Okay here’s the thing, I feel like deep down we all know whether or not we’re the type of person who will experience senioritis. I know not everybody does. I personally managed to avoid it until last week. But here I am now, finishing my article at 4 am the day it’s due, because I woke up from a stress dream about it. And for some, it’s much worse than this. I know of a few daring personalities that have legitimately not turned in assignments for MONTHS! But honestly, for most seniors, this is an okay route to take. Most colleges do not ask for 2nd semester transcripts and the seniors impacted are likely trying to make the most of the time they have left. 


  • It doesn’t FEEL like you’re a senior, until it does. And by then it’s too late. 

I personally did not register that I was a senior until very recently. It still feels like I have another year at magnet but I don’t. You get so comfortable in highschool that it’s hard to see it ending and then all of a sudden it just does. 


  • You mature a lot senior year

I don’t know about y’all but I had an emotionally turbulent highschool experience. There were many many many ups and downs. I’ve found though that this year I have been a lot more clear minded and focused on MY priorities and what makes me happy. Previously, I did not have the clarity or maturity to sort these things out. 


  • Apply to colleges that aren’t popular!!

I cannot tell you how much this helped me. I’m a pretty average student at magnet (definitely did NOT have the best grades at all!!) and by applying to colleges nobody else was applying to I still was able to get AMAZING scholarships. I was not expecting this at all because my grades and test scores  just didn’t seem impressive compared to my fellow students. However, schools that don’t get a lot of kids from Magnet applying may give you a fat chunk of money even if you feel like you don’t stand out on paper. 


  • I hate to say it but… don’t listen to adults fear mongering! 

I have had multiple teachers, guidance counselors, previous students, and parents discourage me from doing what I know I want to do or feel is best for me. At 18, you’re considered an adult but people still don’t take you seriously. If you know what you want and how to get it, try not to ask too many people you don’t trust for advice. A lot of times people will just tell you everything you need to be afraid of or worried about rather than giving you real advice. Don’t live a life in fear. And once these anxieties are heard, it can be hard to get them out of your head.


  • A lot of people won’t get into their dream schools

This one definitely shocked me to my core. I know of multiple students who worked so hard to do well in school and were successful and still didn’t get into their dream schools. I don’t know if it’s because of the competition at Magnet or what. I just know that some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met didn’t get into certain schools they wanted to get into. And these are people that aren’t just regular smart but straight up BRILLIANT. This one makes me really annoyed and confused and I still don’t get how it happened but it did. 


Obviously my senior year was much different from most due to the pandemic. But even still, certain parts of senior year remain constant. If I can leave you with anything it’s this, have so so so much fun. I took my senior year and spent it with the coolest people I’ve ever met and focused on enjoying myself in a positive way while forming habits I hope to bring to college. I didn’t exhaust myself over school work. I just did what I needed to do when I needed to do it. BUT I didn’t OVER do it. Ya know? Senior year will fly by. And this year taught me that working harder academically doesn’t alway get you farther. In my opinion the bonds  and community you build by senior year are the most important part. And I beg of you to enjoy these things while they last.