Quarantine Playlist

A soundtrack for your time quarantined.


Our playlist!!

Bored yet? Listen to some music! Well, not just any music. In the whirlwind of a time we’ve had in the past few weeks we think it’s important to listen to a good bit of upbeat music while also indulging in some songs that help you feel and work through all the anxious and frustrating emotions you could be experiencing. And lucky for you guys, we’ve curated the perfect playlist of songs to do that with!



 Favorite Lyric: “My wheel’s turnin’, now I’m more efficient than ever

I feel like Ratatouille when I’m whippin that cheddar” 

This song is super upbeat and it’s something you can just dance around in your room to. Every other line is just an absolute BAR. Even if you don’t like rap there is a good chance you’ll enjoy this song.


No Better by Lorde

Favorite Lyric:  “And we roll in heavy summer like it’s shameful to be underneath

The ceiling or a roof, try come out and steal our thunder”

This song is just a vibe. It sounds like hanging out with your friends in the summer, like most Lorde songs do. It makes me feel nostalgic for when you were able to see your friends everyday at school, but it reminds me that it’s only a few months until summer when I can be around them again.


Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey

Favorite Lyric:  “The more you stay the same, the more they seem to change

Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Iconic, perfect, outstanding, never been done before, heavenly. This song came out in the mid 2000s and it still is one of the best ever. It just feels like sunshine, there is no way you can not smile while listening to this one.

Put Your Records On vibes.

Hard Times by Paramore

Favorite Lyric: “ Tell my friends, I’m coming down

We’ll kick it when I hit the ground”

To start off, I (Rosie) believe Paramore is the most influential band of all time. That is just a fact and I will not be taking any criticism on it.Hard Times is an anthem that transcends the realms of time and space. The backing music is so catchy and upbeat, and the words, although relatively simple, resonate deeply with anyone who’s ever gone through anything. Also quarantine is hard and the title is Hard Times.


Bennie and the Jets by Elton John

Favorite Lyric: “Hey kids, shake it loose together

The spotlight’s hitting something

That’s been known to change the weather”

Maybe it’s because I watched 27 Dresses everyday from ages 6 to 7 (this is Jordan by the way if you couldn’t tell) or because Elton John is one of the most brilliant artists to ever exist (will not be accepting any differing opinions on this one), but this is one of the only songs guaranteed to put me in a better mood. Everytime I hear it I imagine myself as a lovelorn Katherine Heigl singing this on top of a table with my very own James Marsden. But really, this song is extremely upbeat and worthy of a good sing along at any time. And who wouldn’t want to listen to a song about a character Elton John described as a “sci-fi rock goddess”. Sounds like great inspiration to me. 


9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Favorite Lyric: “They let you dream just to watch them shatter

You’re just a step on the boss man’s ladder”

Perfect, upbeat, feel good, stick it to the man type of song. Great way to channel whatever frustration you’ve had pent up for the past two weeks. 


No Rain by Blind Melon

Favorite Lyric: “All I can say is that my life is pretty plain

I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain

And all I can do is just pour some tea for two

And speak my point of view but it’s not sane:”

Having gone through quite the rollercoaster of emotions during this quarantine, I have used this song to describe my mood to my friends on multiple days. Whenever things aren’t going my way I’m suddenly inclined to believe this song is the soundtrack to my life and I listen to it and throw whatever kind of mental temper tantrum I need to for the day. We tried to make most of the songs upbeat for this playlist but sometimes it’s necessary to feel all of your emotions and wallow a little. Also the first line hits different during quarantine. At this point I’d probably enjoy watching the puddles gather rain for a little change of pace. You take what you can get.


Marceline by WILLOW 

Favorite Lyric: “Marceline I know you’re not real in this dimension I mean

What’s up with your dad up in the nightosphere?”

This song makes you feel like you are floating through space while texting your crush about their day. Willow is a celestial teenager and it comes through in her music. We recommend listening to this song while laying on your floor with your LED lights changing between blue pink and purple.


Fairly Bruh Parents by ReptileLegit, MOL$, Wonder

Favorite Lyric: “ Okay my girl look like Icky Vicky

Make Cosmo pull up with the Blicky”

Anyone who has seen Fairly Odd Parents will appreciate the puns in this song. If you like Shotgun Willy then you will definitely enjoy this fun upbeat song. It is just funny and has a good beat, something you can play as you drive aimlessly around your neighborhood.


Are You Bored Yet? by the Wallows

Favorite Lyric: “And if you’re feeling lonely you should tell me

Before this ends up as another memory

Will you tell the truth so I don’t have to lie?”

Yes, we’re very bored, thank you, Dylan Minnette, for asking. Not only is the title of the song incredibly relevant, this one is also on my playlist entitled “I’m a teenager”. Whenever I need a reminder that I’m living what’s supposed to be some of the best years of my life I listen to this song and others like it. And right now, assuming that we are all doing the right thing and practicing some amount of social distancing, I think we’re in need of some artificial “I’m a teenager” feelings. 


How Bad Can I Be? by The Onceler (Ed Helms)

Favorite Lyric: “The animal that eats gotta scratch, and fight, and claw, and bite, and punch!

And the animal that doesn’t, well the animal that doesn’t

Winds up someone else’s lu-lu-lu-lu-lunch”

We will not be explaining this one. I think it should be noted that the actor who plays the Onceler plays Andy in the Office. This is a perfect song.


Paranoid by the Jonas Brothers

Favorite Lyric: “I make the most of all the stress

I try to live without regrets

But I’m about to break a sweat”

It wouldn’t be one of my playlists without a Jonas Brothers song. Call them what you want, but Kevin, Joe, and Nick have been giving me some fantastic music since I was about 3 years old (with a brief six year break in there somewhere). Justify some of your scary feelings with Paranoid. No matter how anxious you’re feeling, remember that America’s favorite brothers have felt the same. 


Virginia Moon by Foo Fighters (ft. Norah Jones)

Favorite Lyric: “Dearest constellation, heaven surroundin’ you

Stay there, soft and blue.”

And then calm your nerves with this smooth, peaceful song by the Foo Fighters. Nothing like the serene vocals of Dave Grohl and Norah Jones to put you at ease. 


Howl by Florence + the Machine

Favorite Lyric: “The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress

Until I wrap myself inside your arms, I cannot rest

The saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound”

Florence Welch is one of the best lyricists of the past decade, and this song was from her debut album. Her word choice can transport any listener and her voice actually sounds like it belongs to a siren. Listening to her music makes you feel like you’re trapped in a haunted forest being chased by terrifying and beautiful mutated wolves. It literally sounds like Persephone sings this song.


Slide by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Offset, Quavo

Favorite Lyric:”All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark

It’s my favorite part, we see the lights, they got so far”

Just a vibe.’

“if you’re blue tell Alexa to play Earth Wind and Fire

— Ms. Hurt

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

Favorite Lyric: “Ba de ya say do you remember

Ba de ya dancing in September

Ba de ya never was a cloudy day”

There’s not much that I’m going to miss more than walking into class and hearing this song blaring from the Promethean board. Instant good mood guaranteed. In the words of Ms. Hurt, “if you’re blue tell Alexa to play Earth Wind and Fire”.