Club Spotlight: Conspiracy Club

“Everything is not what it seems” -Alex Russo

This week, I sat down with one of Magnet’s most intriguing clubs: Conspiracy Club. Led by seniors Ellie Marino, Fernanda Salinas, and Lee Muirhead. Conspiracy Club aims to challenge the status quo of everyday life.

Club leader Ellie during Coachella day

What is the goal of your club?

Ellie: The goal of our club is to educate young minds on the true workings of society and to foster their ability to think on a more critical level.

Fernanda: One of our goals is also to teach people to question everything around them and not to believe everything they read, hear, or see.


What inspired you to create this club?

Ellie: I was inspired by the differing slants of left leaning and right leaning media sources. I noticed they described the same story very differently, so I wanted to encourage people to think more critically about what was being presented to them.


Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

Ellie: He did not kill himself, without a doubt. His neck was broken in three different places, and a forensic pathologist in the case stated that suicidal hangings usually break one bone in the neck, rarely two, and never three. So why was Jeffrey Epstein’s neck broken in three places? And why was the security footage from the time he was supposedly killing himself missing? Somebody is to blame for that, maybe the Clintons…

Fernanda: Also he was on suicide watch within the prison, so how would he have had the ability and tools to hang himself?

Lee: Actually, the day he “died” was the day he came off of suicide watch. It was really sketchy.

Fernanda: Still, he was a high profile inmate, so there should have been people watching him at all times.

Yeah, he definitely was murdered.

— Ella Lesesne

What conspiracy theories should everyone know?

Ellie: Everyone should know that birds are not real; they are actually drones. Have you every seen a baby pigeon? No! Where are the babies?

I’ve seen baby pigeons. Have you ever been to DC??

— Simone Kavarana

Fernanda: The moon landing was faked because the pictures depict a waving flag when there is no wind on the moon. Also, the shadows fall in two different directions, which is impossible unless there was studio lighting.

Lee: Marilyn Monroe’s doctors killed her because they accidentally gave her a lethal dose of her medication. When they realized they killed her, they staged a suicide to avert the blame.


What are the most plausible theories you believe?

Ellie: FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance, but he did nothing about it because he wanted a reason to enter World War II.

Fernanda: The Titanic didn’t actually sink, it was her nearly identical sister boat the Olympic, but JP Morgan wanted the insurance money from the more famous boat.

Lee: The Kennedy curse. Almost all of the Kennedys have been killed or had life threatening experiences.

It is super fun, and we always have candy!

— Ellie Marino

Make sure to come to Conspiracy Club on Thursday A days in Mr. Phillip’s room during lunch and join the Remind @9ac32a.

Which theory do you believe?


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