Club Spotlight

Although Club Fair has passed, you can still join clubs throughout the year! I know not everyone was able to see every table at Club Fair, so this article will provide some spotlight on the clubs you may have missed. I interviewed clubs that specifically provide excellent community service opportunities, inclusive cultural gatherings, and some fun entertainment. 

Community service opportunities: 

Sarah Roop (left) and Ellyse Ramos (right) helping with the school garden and showcasing painted rocks

Mother Earth Society

First I interviewed Ellyse; she is co-president of Mother Earth Society! As the other Co-president, I highly recommend that you join this club. 

  • What is the Goal of Mother Earth Society?
  • “To promote sustainability and environmentalism within the local community. We want to bring together people who have a common passion for environmental conservation and channel that into real action!”
  • How have you become active in our school community?
  • “Well we previously built a school garden, we have held thrift exchanges where we promote sustainable fashion, and fundraisers (including plant sales)”

    Club helping with South Carolina Aquarium cleanup
  • When/where do you meet?
  • “Every other Wednesday in Mrs. Roop’s room during lunch”
  • What community service opportunities do you offer? 
  • “School and beach/marsh cleanups, working on the school garden, or just helping with any of our events”

Community Uplift Project (CUP)

The Community Uplift Project reaches beyond the Magnet community and consistently provides service opportunities in Charleston which brings together students from all schools. CUP aims to help those living on the streets; if you want to donateto this amazing cause please check out the socials linked below!

  • What is the Goal of CUP?
  • “Community Uplift Projects goal is to uplift our local community through primarily helping the underprivileged in the Charleston community and providing them with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and opportunity” 
  • How have you become active in our school or charleston community?
  • “We have been active in our community by having hosted food/clothing drives and plan on providing local institutions in the future such as the food bank and other non-profits with volunteers alongside starting our own programs such as arts, sports, and academic outreach programs for underprivileged youth”
  • When/where do you meet?
  • “We meet either Thursday or Friday at lunch in Ms. Akerys room but that’s just the club leaders for right now forthe entirety of the club we will meet in the lecture hall once a month to review volunteer opportunities and catch everyone up and the clubs’ projects that month”
  • What community service opportunities do you offer?
  • “As of right now we are starting back up but in a couple of weeks we will offer tutoring and clothing and food drive volunteering opportunities alongside providing volunteers from CUP for other non-profits around Charleston that are inneed of volunteers”

Check out their website for more information: 

Instagram: @communityupliftproject


Latinx Club

I interviewed the President of Latinx Club: Carolina Carrara. This club brings together students from all ethnic regions. They also have great food (the desserts handed out at the Club Fair were amazing)!

  • What is the goal of the Latinx Club?
  • “The overall goal is to bring a community together because that is something that is missing within the Latina community here at Magnet and to let more people know what our culture is all about”
  • What is your favorite part of Latinx Club?
  • “Whenever we all bring in food from different countriesand have food meetings and even I learn a lot during then”
  • Frequently asked questions: Can anyone join Latix Club?
  • “Yea! It’d be good if you’re Latino but if you want to learn about the culture and participate in volunteer opportunities, you are welcome to join!”. 

Student Inclusion Club (SIC)

I had the opportunity to talk to Grace one of the leaders of the Student Inclusion Club! This club runs some amazing discussions and fundraisers. For anyone looking to promote diversity at Magnet and appreciate/share your or others’ cultures I highly recommend joining this club. 

  • What is the goal of the Student Inclusion club?
  • “The goal of the Student Inclusion Club is to create a more diverse and welcoming environment at Academic Magnet High School”
  • What is your favorite event that you have held?
  • “My favorite event was definitely the discussion that SIC held with BSU (Black Student Alliance) during Black history month”
  • How has your club become active in the magnet community?
  • “Our club has become active in the Magnet community through decorating the school. For instance, if there are decorations during Latinx heritage month those are done by us in joint with the Latinx club. We also host discussions for people (in and out of the club) to come to a safe place and learn something new”


Movie Club

To anyone who longingly looked at Mrs. Lankford’s movie collection during class, this is the club for you! I will definitely be joining. I interviewed Molly and Carolyn the wonderful leaders of Movie Club. PSA: they have promised to watch Pride and Prejudice and hopefully Rio!                                                       

  • What is the goal of Movie Club?
  • Carolyn: “To build connections through an appreciation of movies”
  • Molly: “I would say our goal is to meet more people who also enjoy watching movies from other grades and make more friends through our collective enjoyment of movies”
  • What is your favorite part of Movie Club?
  • Molly: “Our favorite part is bringing food and we get to eat and watch movies!”
  • What genres of movies are you most excited to watch?
  • Molly: “More lighthearted happy movies since we are at school to get something to pick us up. Also fantasy.”
  • Carolyn: “sci-fi and period drama”
  • Where and when do you meet?
  • Carolyn: “We meet in Lankford’s on Fridays”

I hope everyone had a fun time at Club Fair! If you did miss out, hopefully, some of these clubs interest you. Every leader was super nice and is especially looking for some underclassmen to join the fun!