Read About Every Single Club at Magnet in 2020

Clubs are a great way to connect with like-minded people around the school. Freshmen can connect with upperclassmen and receive helpful advice; forming these connections is especially important during the time of COVID-19, since connecting with classmates can be difficult as a newcomer. Below is a comprehensive list of every registered club at AMHS in the year 2020. Feel free to scroll through and see what interests you!

Archery Club
Student Leader(s): Molly Marino
Teacher Advisors(s): Koll
Meetings: Wednesday

The archery club hopes to engage students in learning and enjoying archery, while teaching them to shoot safely and accurately.

“Archery is all about control and discipline,” emphasizes club leader Molly Marino, “which can be great skills to transfer over to our schoolwork.”

Asian Awareness Club
Student Leader(s): Jason Guo
Teacher Advisor(s): Metzner-Roop
Meetings: Tuesday

The Asian Awareness Club hopes to spread Asian culture to the local community, donate funds to selected charities, and provide volunteer opportunities.

ASL Club
Student Leader(s): Bell Pansap, Molly Tippey
Teacher Advisor(s): Callicott
Meetings: Tuesday

ASL club is meant mainly for teaching hearing students basic sign language. The club wants to give people a way to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing family, friends, and strangers. They hope that members will be able to hold basic conversations in ASL and learn to appreciate deaf culture. Members learn the language through fun lessons and games!

You can find the club on Instagram @magnetasl!

Black Student Alliance
Student Leader(s): Tonisha Forrest, Tabitha Johnson, Anyjah Sally
Teacher Advisor: Langley, Cassidy
Meetings: Thursday

One of the club’s leaders, Anyjah Sally, defines the Black Student Alliance as a comfortable place where students of all races who appreciate and want to learn more about the complexity of African-American culture get to know each other.

“We also discuss current and past social issues that surrounded the black community, sharing our thoughts and feelings about recent events,” Anyjah shares. “To put it into the simplest way, BSA is where students can become part of a family-like relationship.”

The club also holds an annual event during Black History Month, bringing in an African-American speaker that holds a high position in South Carolina. Last year’s speaker was Marcus Amaker, Charleston’s first ever poet laureate and author of The Birth of All Things.

Blessing Box Club
Student Leader(s): Claudia Rose Perkins
Teacher Advisor(s): Yackey
Meetings: Wednesday

“A Blessing Box is a free little pantry found in neighborhoods where people have food insecurity. The boxes give people immediate access to food, where they can walk up and take what they need, without paperwork or forms,” explains the club’s leader, Claudia Rose Perkins. “Lowcountry Blessing Box club is a service club designed to help feed those in need in North Charleston and across Charleston county. Our goal is to have food drives at school and in our neighborhoods and continue to fill these boxes to provide food to those who need it most.”

Students can also earn service hours by participating in this club.

Book Club
Student Leader(s): Catherine Tuxworth
Teacher Advisor(s): Bortz
Meetings: Monday

Book Club was founded in 2018, and has served ever since as a place where literature brings people together. Club leader Catherine Tuxworth emphasizes that the club never seeks to add stress in the hectic life of a Magnet student. Members focus on reading and appreciating short works of literature, such as short stories and poems.

Brokerage Club
Student Leader(s): Brett Cox, Marshall Fleming, John O’Neill, Sam Whelan
Teacher Advisor(s): Percy
Meetings: Tuesday

The AMHS Brokerage Club is a new club that focuses on learning about investing and preparing members to make money in the future. One of the club’s leaders, Marshall Fleming, hopes to gain and engage new members through the club’s use of actual money, as members invest in stocks and work to make more money through their investments.

And a message from Marshall Fleming: “If you’re reading this in the Talon, come join.”

College Football Club
Student Leader(s): John Rowe, Vishwa Veeraswamy
Teacher Advisor(s): Zerbst
Meetings: Tuesday

The College Football Club is a fun place to hang out during lunch and discuss college football. Every once in a while, meetings have a fun “theme,” such as Jeopardy or debating about DBU. One of the club’s founders, Vishwa Veeraswamy, stresses that “you don’t have to be a college football fanatic in order to have a good time with it.”

You can find the club on Instagram @amhscfbclub2020. The Instagram page also links to a Remind.

Conspiracy Theory Club
Student Leader(s): Molly Marino, Jack Norman
Teacher Advisors(s): Phillips
Meetings: Tuesday

The goal of the Conspiracy Theory Club is to spread the truth and teach members the importance of critical thinking, differing perspectives, and questioning their surroundings.

They explore questions such as: Are birds real or government drones? Did FDR know about the Pearl Harbor attack before it happened? What specific companies sell your data where? Is 5G scanning our brains?

A quote from the former president: “The Conspiracy Club was quite possibly my greatest creation. A combination of conspiracies, friends, food, and Phillips, this club has everything one could ever hope for (and more)!… Join the Conspiracy Theory Club, it will ruin your life in the best possible way!”

And from the current leaders: “Join Conspiracy Club, stay woke, and question everything, our fellow raptors.”

Creative Writing Club
Student Leader(s): Casey Matthews, Molly Tippey
Teacher Advisor(s): Shifflette
Meetings: Wednesday

The Creative Writing Club aims to help young writers become more confident in their work by creating a community to offer advice and feedback. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. The club encourages interested members to participate in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and provides information about the process. Leaders offer prompts and activities to encourage creativity, since it’s easy to get lost in schoolwork and deadlines.

You can find the club on Instagram @amhs_creative_writing. There is also a discord: contact for more information!

Dungeons and Dragons
Student Leader(s): Bryanna Oliver-Reed
Teacher Advisors(s): Yackey
Meetings: Monday, Friday

This club’s goal is to have fun playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Fashion Club
Student Leader(s): Meriem Bazine
Teacher Advisors(s): TBD
Meetings: Thursday

This club aims to promote sustainable fashion!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Student Leader(s): Maisie Cochran, Mills Jordan
Teacher Advisors(s): Benton
Meetings: Wednesday

FCA is a fun, lighthearted community where Magnet students can explore the Christian faith in a safe environment.

“Some meetings are full of fun and laughter like when we play the infamous cup game or break out into some of our favorite hymns,” explains leader Mills Jordan. “Other meetings are more serious as we explore different aspects of our faith through lessons organized by our club leaders or participate in service projects like Operation Christmas Child. Many meetings fall healthily in between fun and serious.”

Overall, the club hopes to have another great year filled with memories to be formed, questions to be asked, and community to be built.

French National Honor Society
Student Leader(s): Mills Jordan
Teacher Advisors(s): Altman
Meetings: Tuesday

Bonjour! The French National Honor Society is excited for another great year of promoting the French language and culture at Magnet. The club consists of high-achieving French students who want to share their passion with the rest of the school community. They plan to continue their famous crepe sales when it is safe to do so, but they also have new ideas to pursue. Club leaders advise students to stay tuned for announcements about a possible virtual French cooking class and a French family movie night later in the year. Au Revoir!

Future Lawyers of America
Student Leader(s): Jocelyn Massenet
Teacher Advisor(s): Grimshaw
Meetings: Monday

Future Lawyers of America strives to educate students about law, creating a network of like-minded students who wish to learn more about the profession. Meetings will be spent learning about the process of becoming a lawyer, the different types of lawyers, and the responsibilities that accompany the job. This club is an ideal fit for anyone with interest in a law career, in order to gauge interest in the profession and learn more about available opportunities.

Future Medical Professionals
Student Leader(s): Grace Hill, Disha Qanungo
Teacher Advisors(s): McCormick
Meetings: Wednesday

^At a family meal serving patients and their families

^Hearing from Dr. Chris McLain on his experience in Internal Medicine

The Future Medical Professionals Club has been active for the past year at Magnet serving in and learning about our healthcare community. Last year they participated in service projects like hosting Family Meals at the MUSC Children’s Hospital and brought in guest speakers to share their educational and professional experience with members. This year, leaders are planning to still connect the club through virtual meetings with speakers and are working on virtual or socially distanced volunteer projects to continue to provide meaningful opportunities for students.

Global Affairs
Student Leader(s): Jocelyn Massenet
Teacher Advisors(s): Zerbst
Meetings: Monday

The Global Affairs Club uses a hands-on approach to teach students about delegation. The club’s structure is similar to that of a Model UN club, but without the same time commitment and regulations. At meetings, each member chooses a country to represent; club founder Jocelyn Massenet then presents a topic for the group to discuss. Meetings will not have continuity, so members are welcome to come whenever their schedules permit. Jocelyn stresses that this is a great club for anyone interested in politics, international affairs, delegation, or debate.

Good Vibes Club
Student Leader(s): Serenity Gainey, Elias McCall
Teacher Advisors(s): Yackey
Meetings: Tuesday

Good Vibes Club was founded last year with the goal of spreading positivity around Magnet, since the strenuous nature of the school often creates a very stressed out student body. The club’s main goal is to “ease that tension and provide a space for people to relax and spread positivity.”

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsgoodvibesclub.

Guitar Club
Student Leader(s): Randall Reed
Teacher Advisor(s): Schmitt
Meetings: Thursday

This club is a place to show off guitar riffs, songs, or theory, and to introduce new players.

International Politics Club
Student Leader(s): Mills Jordan
Teacher Advisors(s): Rush
Meetings: Thursday

This club should hopefully cause the cogs in your brain to start spinning a little bit. Throughout the year, they will dive into some of the most impactful and thought-provoking issues spanning the globe ranging from the Iran Nuclear Deal to Brexit. Each meeting begins with a short presentation, but the best part of each meeting is the discussion that follows.

“We love to hear the varying and insightful perspectives that our club members bring each week,” emphasizes leader Mills Jordan. “By the end of the year, we hope that all our club members will feel more knowledgeable and interested in international politics and its importance to our world!”

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsipc.

Investment Club
Student Leader(s): Elias McCall
Teacher Advisors(s): Lankford
Meetings: Thursday

Investment Club meets to discuss investments and the stock market using a digital simulation to compete over the course of the year (prize TBD).

Key Club
Student Leader(s): Lily Feingold
Teacher Advisors(s): McCormick
Meetings: Thursday (A-Day)

The Key Club is a club that focuses on service. Club president Lily Feingold lists examples of the club’s many fun activities: making dog and cat toys for a local animal shelter, beach sweeps, food drives, card-making sessions, and much more! The club also holds many social events including a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving social, a Christmas gift exchange social, and a Just Dance social.

K-Pop Club
Student Leader(s): Noa Wallen
Teacher Advisors(s): Shifflette
Meetings: Friday

In the K-pop club, participants will explore Korean culture by delving into the Korean music industry. Students will have fun watching music videos and performances while learning about K-pop groups and soloists, opening their minds to one of the most influential parts of the global music industry.

Mental Health and Wellness Club
Student Leader(s): Lily Bluestein, Lily Lassiter, JoJo Lonyo, Maya Pai
Teacher Advisor(s): Yackey
Meetings: Tuesday

The new Mental Health and Wellness Club is the passion project of dedicated senior Maya Pai. She started the club to help students educate themselves and support one another. The club hosts activities such as yoga and origami, and has numerous speakers lined up for the year: including yogic breathing expert Dr. Balasubramanian of MUSC.

“In our meetings, we want to have about like half of the meetings be informative and the other half be ‘off’ days where we can just hang out and take care of ourselves,” Pai adds. “Especially with the craziness of COVID-19, we think that having these regular meetings will be good just for the sake of social interaction. We really hope people will enjoy the meetings and events (and feel comfortable!); we are all SUPER excited!”

You can find the club on Instagram @amhs_mhwc.

Mock Trial
Student Leader(s): Betsy Bailey, Jordan Burrell, Eliza Compton, Harry Ding, Campbell Lesher, Ava Smoak, Caroline Spann, Lukey Sutherland, Asher Wallen, Noa Wallen
Teacher Advisors(s): Zerbst
Meetings: Tuesday

Students will participate in a mock trial to learn about legal proceedings and how to prepare arguments for both sides of the case. Members of the club and competition will cultivate their argumentation and public speaking skills while having a lot of fun!

The club was founded by a group of freshmen from Buist Academy who have competed together in the past years, even winning the entire Mock Trial competition last year!

Movie Mania
Student Leader(s): Elias McCall
Teacher Advisor(s): Orr
Meetings: Friday

Movie Mania has been founded and led by the numerous Kronsberg brothers throughout its existence; now, they have all graduated. Fortunately, new president Elias McCall “intends to carry on the historic legacy of the club.” The club meets in Ms.Orr’s room to watch good movies, enjoy good company, and eat good cookies.

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsmovies.

Mother Earth Society
Student Leader(s): Tina Liu, Mabry Wise
Teacher Advisor(s): Metzner-Roop
Meetings: Tuesday

The Mother Earth Society is a merging of numerous groups, including the former Ecology Club. One of the club’s leaders, Tina Liu, is focused on maintaining the school garden and is excited to welcome new members who are knowledgeable about or interested in gardening. According to the club’s Instrgram, members of this group participate in beach sweeps, garden planting, fundraisers, and other activities with the goal of helping the local environment.

You can find the club on Instagram @motherearthsociety!

Mu Alpha Theta
Student Leader(s): Evan Daniels
Teacher Advisor(s): Hooffstetter
Meetings: Wednesday

Mu Alpha Theta is a club that offers tutoring as well as a platform for those interested in math to participate in various competitions (both online and in person).

Club leader Evan Daniels explains that his favorite part of the club is a math modeling competition offered to Juniors and Seniors every Spring. Members of the club get together on a Sunday at Magnet and work for 12 hours on a math modeling paper. This past year, they modeled the market share growth of electric semi-trucks, the necessary amount of recharging stations along each route said semi-trucks would travel on, and the beneficial/harmful effects provided to some major cities along said routes. “Writing this paper was such a fun challenge for our group and really demonstrated how math can be applied in the real world.”

The club’s members offer tutoring on Wednesdays for students of any grade level, whether it be for a homework assignment or preparing for a quiz/test.

Peace Club
Student Leader(s): Taryn Crowley
Teacher Advisor(s): Shifflette
Meetings: Wednesday

Peace Club’s main focus is to start a conversation at Magnet finding peace in ourselves and our lives. Members are going to be talking and educating one another on the different practices they can implement into their lives.

“One thing that’s really important for our club, especially when talking about other practices and methods found in certain cultures, is to make sure we appreciate the cultures rather than taking it as our own. Doing certain practices incorrectly or with bad intentions can lead to toxicity and negativity into one’s life, so it’s important to follow and respect those who’ve studied it before us! Respecting and celebrating other cultures is the heart of our club!” explains leader Taryn Crowley.

Ping Pong Club
Student Leader(s): Justin Baek
Teacher Advisor(s): Garris
Meetings: Friday

This club aims to play ping pong as a stress reliever and to raise money through tournaments for charity.

Politics Club
Student Leader(s): Liam Wood
Teacher Advisor(s): Lankford
Meetings: Thursday

This club aims to facilitate an open dialogue between people of different viewpoints to reach a greater understanding of the world.

Rho Kappa SSNHS
Student Leader(s): Conolly Burgess, Lydia Cox
Teacher Advisor(s): Garris
Meetings: Wednesday

This club offers tutoring in Social Studies.

Rock Climbing Club
Student Leader(s): Tate Jennings, William Novak-Condy
Teacher Advisor(s): Novinger
Meetings: Friday

The climbing club is a group directed at teaching members of the magnet population about climbing, a sport that involves both fitness and problem solving skills. They also aim to help people push themselves and their comfort zones beyond what they might usually do, as this can often lead to a sense of accomplishment.

According to leader Tate Jennings, “Climbing is a very intellectually challenging sport, as well as one that is physically difficult, so it can help increase self awareness, both physically and mentally. Introducing this sport into the magnet student body can definitely help to give students a stress releaseactivity that still enhances their thinking. Also, climbing is really fun, and most people who try it find themselves enjoying it, even if they didn’t anticipate feeling that way.”

Social Deduction Games
Student Leader(s): Jeremy Garza, Mark Maci, Ethan Ouelette
Teacher Advisor(s): Garris
Meetings: Tuesday

The new Social Deduction Club plans to meet once a week and create a “chill environment” where members can have fun and use their brains. One of the founders, Ethan Ouelette, encourages anyone who enjoys thinking logically and interrogating others to join.

“Our new club is centered around various social deduction games (whether online or in-person),” Ouelette explains. “These games most often involve two teams: an informed, deceitful minority whose goal is to defeat the uninformed majority. This majority has to use the information that they themselves have, discussing with others to gather more information, and deciphering which players are providing truths or lies. Most people will likely be familiar with the party game Mafia or Werewolf, but we will also try to integrate games like A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Secret Hitler, Among Us, and Werewords.”

The club leaves us with this: “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy” (quoting Sun Tsu).

Sneaker Club
Student Leader(s): Elias McCall, Shreyas Mytri

The Sneaker Club meets to discuss sneaker and streetwear culture, and just serve as a general gathering for those passionate about streetwear. The club’s goal is“to provide a space for individuals to talk openly about their sneaker passions, be it Jordans, Vans, Adidas, and everything in between.”

Student Leader(s): Pilar Florez, Alex Williams
Teacher Advisor(s): Callicott
Meetings: Thursday

Spectrum is an LGBT activism club that meets to discuss LGBT issues and raise awareness. The club also does fundraising for LGBT charities. Anyone who wants to support LGBT students is welcome!

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsspectrum.

Sunrise Club
Student Leader(s): Emma Hsu
Teacher Advisor(s): Langley
Meetings: Tuesday

This club aims to fight climate change.

Surf Club
Student Leader(s): Grace Anderson
Teacher Advisor(s): Metzner-Roop
Meetings: Monday

Surf club was created to spread the love of surfing, regardless of experience. The club takes spontaneous trips to Folly Beach and Isle of Palms, providing extra boards when necessary. Meetings take place on weekend mornings and usually last about two hours; during meetings members surf, float, and talk about life. According to club president Grace Anderson, the club’s members appreciate the relaxation of getting up early and going to the beach. This club is a great option for those who wish to participate in club activities while still maintaining social distancing. The surf club is also dedicated to helping the environment, partnering with other clubs to participate in beach sweeps.

You can find the club on Instagram @amhssurfclub.

Ultimate Frisbee
Student Leader(s): Bryce Getsinger
Teacher Advisor(s): Yackey
Meetings: Monday, Wednesday

The club’s goal is to appreciate and participate in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, and all that encompasses the spirit of the game. The club is inclusive to students of any grade level.

Video Game Club
Student Leader(s): Amelia Butcher, Sophia Butcher
Teacher Advisor(s): Phillips
Meetings: Friday

AMHS Video Game Club is the fancy new name given to the former eSports club.

“We decided to rename the club to make it inclusive to all gamers, as the name “eSports” is intimidating and sounds competitive. That’s not the case at all! We are here to have fun and play any video games we like,” explains club leader Amelia Butcher,

The club hosts tournaments and events for different games, the largest being the yearly Super Smash Bros. tournament. They also cater to those with a more casual gaming scene with events like our Animal Crossing Prom.

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsvideogameclub, or on Discord at the link: You can also find them on Twitch at amhsgaming!

Visual Arts Club
Student Leader(s): Kaitlyn Chau, Ashley Fister, Emma McLain
Teacher Advisor(s): Callicott
Meetings: Monday

Visual Arts Club is for anyone who has an interest in art and wants to develop their palette. The club provides a safe place for students to explore different mediums and share their artwork with others around them. During lunch students bring their own art supplies and work on their pieces. Every month the club works on a different project or medium, and at the end of the month the artwork will be displayed in the art hallway.

A message from the leaders: “Our mission is to express the idea that art is for everyone! If you create art, you ARE an artist. Everyone has a unique style of art, which is one of the main reasons it’s so fun to share.”

And a quote from an anonymous member: “Your life is a piece of art so come and learn about it.”

Women’s Computer Programming
Student Leader(s): Meriem Bazine, Carmen Del Mastro
Teacher Advisor(s): Phillips
Meetings: Tuesday

The Women’s Computer Programming Club aims to help young women get involved in coding through the building of apps, working to solve the gender gap in the programming field. At the end of the year, members will have apps to finalize and submit to the Technovation contest.

“It is so cool to see an idea that an idea can turn into an actual piece of technology that can help others!” emphasizes club leader Meriem Bazine.

Young Democrats
Student Leader(s): Alan Bi, Eliza Taylor
Teacher Advisor(s): Hurt
Meetings: Friday

The Young Democrats Club aims to engage students in political activism and discussion.

You can find the club on Instagram @amhsyoungdems. You can also join the club’s Remind by texting @amhsdems to 81010.

Young Republicans
Student Leader(s): Sydney Isaacks, McCabe Templeton
Teacher Advisor(s): Benton
Meetings: Thursday

The Young Republicans Club wishes to discuss and understand current events in U.S. politics, constructively debate, and listen to all perspectives

You can find the club on Instagram @amhs_young_republicans.