The Kelly Golden Show

Young Republicans Club Trip In Studio


*you are listening to 94.3 WSC*

My brother and I listen to the radio and tune into my favorite station as we drive to school. On the way to school, The Kelly Golden Show is on. It then goes to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and then Dave Ramsey.

I have been reaching out to Kelly Golden since freshman year attempting to become involved in her show anyway possible, and this summer I finally got in contact with her. I had the opportunity to meet her at the Farmer’s Market on Coleman. She then she invited me to a charity event where she was emceeing. 

When we met, we discussed an internship and different ideas for the show. My internship will start when I turn 18, but until then, she invited my club – the Young Republicans Club- in studio for a tour. 

We arrived at the building and went up the stairs to the IHeart Radio floor. We were fortunate to be able to hear a guest band called Avenue Beat come and play before we went on the tour. After we heard the music, Kelly took us around the studio and we met 103.5 The WEZL’s host as well. After we saw where she records and works, we sat down in her studio and she asked if we wanted to record something to be put on air. Jack, the other Co-President,  and I were super nervous, but super excited. We got to see how the process works as she got in her radio show voice and asked us about the Young Republicans Club, spirit week, and life at Magnet. Jack and I described why we love that our club offers another perspective to Magnet, and how fun spirit week is. While I believe Jack and I did a good job speaking on air, we are still nervous to hear our voices on air. After recording, we sat there for a good hour and talked with her and our club about pressing issues in the news. It was interesting to discuss political topics with her as she had the facts to back up her claims as that is her job to talk about things she is passionate about while providing evidence for the audience. 

Getting the opportunity to bring my club in studio and to meet Kelly Golden was a great experience, and Kelly was impressed with the youth involvement in politics.