Magnet Faculty as the Zodiac Signs They Should Be

Maybe a little biased.

Magnet Faculty as the Zodiac Signs They Should Be

We’re back. Magnet’s very own certified, professional, unbiased, trustworthy astrology experts are here to tell you what the teaching staff’s zodiac signs should be. As seniors, we feel that we have had ample time to observe teachers’ behavior which has allowed us to accurately sort them into their signs. There are a lot of Leos. A lot. It’s kind of scary. If you need a refresher about what each sign means here you go: 

Taurus: You are stable , deliberate, and practical, though somewhat stubborn. You appreciate nice things when they are meaningful. People love your reliability.

Virgo: You are very smart, selfless, responsible, and hard-working. You are thorough meticulous and intentional in everything they do, you can accomplish that most people can’t , but may also get overwhelmed by the details of your day to day life. Have the capability to be very chaotic.

Capricorn: You are responsible, serious, efficient and rational. This can lead to workaholism and ambitiousness, or hyper-support for the dreams of those around them. Capricorns also love money !

Aries: You are assertive , resilient and brave. Naturally competitive and determined, you push forward with energy and  enthusiasm and persevere through anything. You need to learn to understand other people as complex wholes. Also work on a little more self control.

Leo: You are bold and proud. You love attention and to be cared for. You are great at making people you like feel validated and you are probably a great friend!You know what your skills are and how to use them. Ridiculously bold.

Sagittarius: You are curious, restless and independent. You have strong ideas about meaning and morals. You live to be free, to travel, and to learn. You are also the sign of the archer which is pretty cool!

Aquarius: You are unconventional and unique. Comfortable straying from the norm, your intellectual talent is oriented towards pushing the boundaries of what seems reasonable. You carry a lot on your shoulders and have the need to fight for the underdog. You also may or may not have any emotions.

Gemini: You are dynamic, quick-witted, eclectic and curious. You’re insanely clever. Fascinated by everything, their childlike energy is often scattered in a million different directions. 

Libra: You  are oriented towards fairness and justice. You always try to see both sides of an issue, but this can sometimes make you look indecisive or disloyal. You don’t get restricted to a single view of things , you frequently rethink your views. You do what you say and can get a lot done.

Pisces: You are dreamy, insightful and in your own world. They exist on a chaotic plane of the divine that is not at all material. Your rich imagination endows you with a strong intuition for hidden emotional currents. When you take offense it is deeply, and you aren’t necessarily interested in reconciliation. You definitely might actually be telepathic.

Cancer: You are sensitive, nurturing, and gentle. Your emotions may seem like a burden to you. You’re deeply committed to your relationships and being to the good people you care about. You may have trouble with self discipline. There is also a good chance reading that description alone made you cry.

Scorpio: You have a urge to get to the bottom of things, which they can at times lead them to be manipulative or power-hungry, but it comes down to an intense passion for authenticity, real intimacy, and the truth. You are almost a fire sign but not quite. 

Some of the staff did not fit one sign particularly so we included either their moon or rising sign along with their sun (main) sign. Your sun, moon, and rising signs jointly function to form your basic identity (really your entire birth chart does but these three are the most important) . The sun is your main sign that dictates your personality and is based on your birth date. Your moon sign is the second most important element in the formulation of your identity and dictates your inner mood and emotions. Finally, your rising sign represents how others see you. If a teacher received more than one sign their personality has been very strongly conveyed to us in the past 3 years. Enjoy!


Ms. Dover- Virgo

Ms. Taylor- Virgo

Ms. Kassinger- Pisces

Ms. James- Scorpio

Ms. Pinckney- Aquarius

Ms. Spencer- Leo

Ms. Vogel- Cancer

Ms. Henley- Pisces

Mr. Cosgrove- Leo 

Ms. Aydlette- Capricorn

Mr. Philips- Virgo

Mr. Schmitt- Taurus

Mr. Grimshaw- Aries 

Ms. Callicott- Aquarius

Dr. Altman- Gemini

Ms. Calabrese- Sagittarius

Ms. Colon- Aquarius sun Leo moon

Mr. Jent- Aries 

Dr. Lupo- Cancer

Ms. Oliveira- Cancer

Ms. Benton- Capricorn 

Ms. Bortz- Leo 

Ms. Grayson- Pisces 

Ms. Hurt- Gemini sun Pisces Moon Aries rising

Ms. Lankford- Pisces

Ms. Novinger: Scorpio sun Libra moon

Ms. Shifflette- Cancer

Ms. Smith- Libra

Dr. Cassidy- Pisces sun Aquarius moon Sagittarius Rising

Ms. Hooffstetter- Sagittarius

Mr. Johnston- Capricorn 

Ms. Liang- Taurus

Mr. Percy- Aquarius sun Gemini moon Gemini rising

Ms. Renes- Libra 

Ms. Yackey- Sunshine

Ms. Koll- Aries

Mr. Lindgren- Scorpio

Mr. McCormick- Leo sun Leo moon Leo rising 

Mr. McGill- Taurus

Ms. Desbrow- Aquarius sun Gemini rising 

Ms. Langley- Taurus

Ms. Metzner-Roop- Cancer

Mr. Flanigan- Virgo

Mr. Murphy- Taurus

Ms. Orr- Capricorn

Mr. Rush- Aquarius sun Pisces moon Gemini rising 

Mr. Stackhouse- Aries

Ms. Zerbst-  Gemini

Ms. Peterson- Aries

Ms. Woods- Scorpio