Class of 2020 Glo Ups

Learn how magnet has changed the current senior class

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  • Lily Peterson: Timid freshman turned almost Instagram famous

  • Eli LeRoy: From spaghetti to fettuccine, noodle boy is still noodle boy

  • Lucas Dillard: Bowl head mane to Tik Tok fame

  • Toby Sizemore: Although he has bulked up, some things will never change: his love for Auburn, wrestling and his luscious curly locks.

  • Molly Dickerson: On a scale of 1-10, Molly started as a 10 and now she’s BMS

  • Riley Haas: Soccer star since 2016

  • Luke Haenel: Known for his witty humor and Gucci belt, Luke is and always has been, a true Magnet icon

  • Andrew De Arellano: His hair has grown. His love for spicy chicken deluxe sandwiches has persisted. Commonly confused with past AMHS senior Chase Mitchum, Andrew has traded his basic Mt. Pleasant boy style for the look of a walking Goodwill ad

  • Jake Thayer: Child turned heart throb

  • Will Jordan: Little Will Jordan is not so little anymore. He should be officially referred to as Average Will Jordan

  • Jack Levenson: Looks different, mental age remains the same

  • Daniel Murphy: The sweetest boy of the class of 2020 remains extremely delectable -Eli LeRoy

  • Jordan Thomas: Jordan is her name, and basketball is her game. She’s remained mostly the same, besides the seventeen tendons, she’s lost since freshman year

  • Kasen Groves: From scholar to baller

  • Chap Hodges: Sorry ladies, he's taken

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