Cookout Milkshake Rankings

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Cookout Milkshake Rankings

This summer I set out with Magnet alum Annalise Hafner to try every single Cookout milkshake. There are 40 plus on the menu, adding up to more than $150 I spent on Cookout this summer. Cookout is a fast food spot popular among high schoolers for its cheap eats and late hours. Hopefully this ranking will shake up your decisions on what to try next.

Peach Cobbler came out on top. Not an overwhelming peach flavor, and Nila wafers to add some crunch. A true underdog.

The Watermelon was another surprise.  Fresh chunks of Watermelon were mixed with vanilla ice cream to create a unique crisp flavor.

Banana Berry provided more of a smoothie experience rather than milkshake, but good nonetheless.

All the cheesecakes had a sour taste to them but I may be biased due to my hatred of cheese cake.

Finally, Chocolate Cherry tasted like that last chocolate in the box that everyone refuses to it. Kind of like an old grandma candy.

Although we may have began our path on to type-2 diabetes, Cookout became my second home this summer.

Here’s my total list:

  1. Peach Cobbler
  2. Mocha
  3. Peanut Butter fudge
  4. Banana pudding
  5. Orange Push-up
  6. Oreo Mint
  7. Butterfinger
  8. M&M
  9. Caramel Fudge
  10. Watermelon
  11. Chocolate Chip Mint
  12. Peanut Butter
  13. Chocolate Malt
  14. Health Toffee
  15. Reese’s
  16. Banana Berry
  17. Blueberry
  18. Oreo
  19. Snickers
  20. Double Chocolate
  21. Caramel
  22. Peanut Butter Banana
  23. Peach
  24. Cherry Cobbler
  25. Strawberry
  26. Vanilla
  27. Chocolate
  28. Banana Fudge
  29. Chocolate Mint
  30. Banana
  31. Red Cherry
  32. Cappuccino
  33. Banana Nut
  34. Chocolate
  35. Banana Pineapple
  36. Walnut
  37. Pineapple
  38. Caramel Cheesecake
  39. Chocolate Cheesecake
  40. Blueberry Cheesecake
  41. Strawberry Cheesecake
  42. Cherry Cheesecake
  43. Chocolate Cherry


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