Senior Thesis Titles 2018

Congratulations to our Seniors for Completing our most difficult requirement.


Kira Adkins: Oxycodone Use and Abuse Among Adults
Alex Adragna: An Ethical Argument for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Michael Arnold: An Evaluation of Effective Songwriting to Best Promote a Spiritual Message
Campbell Babb: The Role of Reedig Duration and Correlation to Feeding Quality Scores and Readiness to Feed in Premature Infants
Ethan Bean: A Comparison of the Approval Ratings of the Academic Magnet Community Regarding Gun Control and Gun Safety Measures
Chloe Belton: Special Effects: The Debate Between Computer Generated and Practical
Kennedy Bennett: Sustainability Reporting and Financial Performance in the Apparel Industry
Evelyn Bi: Developing an Alternate-Form Screenplay
Ryann Birkner: Gender Bias in Introduction Formality of Presentation Speakers
JJ Bishop: Preventing SLAP Tears in Baseball Pitchers Through a Systematic Review of Biomemechanics
Elise Blackburn: Teaching Basic Oral Hygiene by Creating a Picture Book for Honduran School Children
Gracie Bollinger: A Comparison of Captive and Wild Populations of Malaclemys terrapins in Charleston, South Carolina
Jackson Bracy: Determining the Relationship between Coastal Beach Development and Tidal Zone Pathogen Levels
Rowan Burns: The Examination of National Treatment Patterns Associated with Craniopharyngioma
Cameron Bush: Comparing Trends in Modern Mars Mission Architectures: Constructing a Comprehensive Entry, Landing and Descent Plan
Maria de Camargo:  Designing and Developing a Mobile Smartphone Application for Depressed Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Fanny Cheung: Genome Annotation for Muscle Protein Genes in Ladona Fulva and Their Expression in Flight Muscles
Hollis Chillura: Evaluating the Holistic Branding Strategies of Luxury Brands: Customer Service Quality, In-store Experience, and Package Design of Lululemon
Lila Clark: The Effect of Musical Theater on the Self Esteem of Underprivileged Youth
Lauren Clifford: A Study Examining the Stylistic Evolution Of Music Composition
Meredith Coen: Website Design for the Positive and Negative Nutritional Consequences of a Vegan Diet
Meghan Cradock: The Effects of Divorce on Adolescents’ Emotional Well-being
Sophie Crosby: The Effect of Smarter Lunchroom Movement Initiatives on Eating Behaviors of Elementary School Students
Lauren Cuppy: Understanding and Raising Awareness of Honor Killings in Pakistan
Nicholas Curcio: How Background Music’s Key Influences Children’s Emotions and Advertisement Effectiveness
Campbell Daffin: The Effect of Chocolate Milk as a Post Workout Muscle Exhaustion Recovery Aid in Female Distance Runners
Josh Dark: A Study of and Application of the NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies
Chris DeHart: Design Study of Low Payload, Subsonic, Blended Wing Body Aircraft Using Fluid Dynamic Simulations
Lauren DeMarco: The Impact of a Summer Literary Program on the Reading Proficiency of Elementary School Students
Andrew Demetre: Developing a Strategy For a Tennis Player Making a Comeback After Losing the First Set of a Match
Samantha Devapiriam: Discovery of Two Novel Bacteriophages for Use in Tuberculosis Bacteriophage Therapy
Claire Dickman: Analyzing the Time and Financial Costs of Becoming an Orthodontist
Seth Dominiak: Growing an Online Youtube Audience by Using Facebook Advertising Tactics
Will Donnellon: Studying the Feasibility of an MLS Developmental Academy Modeled After Those in Place in Major League Baseball
Gabbi Drusin: A Comparison of Processing Speed and Cyclomatic Complexity of the Sobel, Prewitt, and Roberts Operators of Edge Detection Coded in Java
Dillan Drymon: Feasibility Study and Proposed Bussiness Model for a South Carolina Artificial Wave Park
Gavin Duffy: Comparing the Efficiencies Between and CDD
Owen Duffy: Differences in Frequency of Overuse Injuries in Single-Sport Versus Multi-Sport Athletes
Avery Dzvonik: Youtube and Internet Addiction and its Sub-Mental Disorders, Moods, and Behaviors in Adolescents
Semaj Fielding: Macrobenthic Biodiversity in Open Water and Tidal Creeks in South Carolina from 1999-2016
Brooke Forney: A Comparative Analysis of Sleeping Beauty to Examine Gender Roles through History
Courtney Fox: The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Therapy Dogs
Peyton Funkhouser:  Developing a Culturally Sensitive Intervention for  Suicide Prevention Among Choctaw Adolescents
Gregg Gardner: The Ultrastructure of the Temporomandibular Joint Lateral Capsule Ligament Complex
Nahom Gebreselassie: A Behavioral Analysis of a House Model of MEF2C Haploinsufficiency Syndrome
Grace Gehlken: Educating People in Charleston About the Importance of Economic Empowerment
Bryn Gerding: Preoperative Imaging of Pulmonary Arteries in Neonates with Ductal Dependent Congenital Heart Disease
Jacob Gleaton: Examining How Blues Music Influenced Classic Rock Guitar
Aidan Gomez: Designing an Autonomous Biomimetric Quadrupedal Robot
Olivia Gould: The Effects of Gender Differences in Muscle Morphologies on Kung Fu Combat Performance in High-Level Martial Artists
Annalise Hafner:  The Correlation Between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Vitamin D Deficiencies in Relation to Latitude
Carly Hall: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Pregnancy Outcomes
Sarah Harrington: Recreational Motor Boats and the Environment
Nico Harris: The Effect of Socioeconomic Environments on Morality
Brent Harwell: Bioengineering a Functional Pacemaker
Lauren Haselden: The Effects of Vasopressin on Pleural Effusions in Patients in the Posoperative Course of a Fontan Operation
Lydia Heath: Silent Night: Evaluating Three Genres of Music on Regenerative Sleep in Adolescents
Doscher Hill: Determining the Effects of Certain Biological Fluctuations on the Health of Largemouth Bass
Lauren Hogan: Using Adhesives to Strengthen Recycled Carbon Fiber Composites
Megan Holderness: The Impact of Mission Trips and Continued Communications on Fostering Relationships Between the Serving and the Served
Jack Hosley: Self-reported Bullying and Ostracism of Students Labeled Gifted and Talented
Jackson Howe: Examining Proficiency of Lacrosse Related Movements Before and After Intensive Lumbopelvic and Abdominal Specific Training Devoid of Low Back Pain Stressors in a High School Player
Abbi Hulsey: The Effect of Brain Abnormalities on the Everyday Life of Patients with Rhombencephalosynapsis
Claire Hunt: Raising Awareness of Coral Bleaching Through a Marketing Campaign
Allison Infante: The Effect of Salinity on Different Developmental Stages of Southern Toad (Anaxyrus terrestris) Tadpoles
Boone Jones: Determining Historic Biogeography and Ecology of Shark Species Through Analysis of Fossilized Teeth
Indira Kanginakudru: Developing Murine Models of Various Stages of Radiation Necrosis to Differentiate Radiation Necrosis from Recurrent Glioma
Brandon Kassouf: Modification of Valproate for Diol Functionality in Polyurethane Synthesis 

Ethan Kautz – Procedurally Generating Impossible Objects 

Sam Kavarana: Effect of Epidermal Growth Factor on Heart Transplant Patients Experiencing Rejection
Caroline Keefer: An Investigation Concerning the Preliminary Development of a Virtual Imaging System For Tracking Particles in the Extracellular Matrix with Laser Scanning Stereomicroscopy
Coco Kelly: Social Paradigm: Rape Mentality
Garrett Kelly: Identifying a French and Spanish Equivalent of the Valspeak Dialect
Samuel Kendall: The Design of a Prefabricated Flat-Pack Chair
Jared Kievit: The Effects of Narrowband UVB Phototherapy vs Dupilumab on Atopic Dermatitis through Immunosuppression
Cameron Kimner: Designing and Building a Computer Case for Backpacking and Camping
Mary Frances Kline: Recommendation of a Diversity Plan to Correct School Factors Contributing to Resegregation
Weatherford Knowles: Self Reported Narrative Emotional Responses Elicital by Original Songs in the Music Style of Late 1990s Punk Rock
Ashwin Koka: How Attire Can Affect Perceptions of Aggression
Zachary Kontenakos: A Statistical Analysis on Consumers in Relation to Product Purchasing
Brennan Kosut: The Creation of a Hero/Villian Archetype in Modern Fictional Literature
Zachary Kronsberg: Reforming the Electoral College to Better Represent the Will of the People: Analyzing Its Components and Alternatives
Ellie Kunitz-Levy: Isolating Works Exemplifying Ties Between Music and Poetry
Emma Ladd: A Study Examining Microtissue Viability For Cell-Based Cardiac Regeneration
Keagan Larkins: The Study of Gracilaria vermiculophylla: A Demonstration of the Mutualism Involving an Invasive Species
Elizabeth Larymore: Immigration and Documentation Related Stress in Latino Adolescents in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties in 2018
Brett Lavelle: Building a Spacially-Efficient Guitar
Eva Leach: Effective Advertising Methods in Charleston, SC, in Order to Raise the Maximum Profit For a Benefit Concert
Eliot Leadem: The Benefits of Drone Technology on Historical and Cultural Preservation
Daniel Lehman: The Effects of School Uniforms on Behavior in Public Middle Schools
Mack Lehman: An Evaluation of the Effects of Mental State on Performance in Sport Karate
Monet Lescow: Effects of a Visual Aspect on Rates of Kangaroo Care
Josh Lin: Player’s Reaction to and Reduction of Toxicity Within League of Legends
Emma Ludman: Educating a Population About the Volatile Honey Bee Population Through a Blog
Jerry Manigault: The Effect of Afterschool Programs on 6th-12th Grade Students’ Academic, Physical, and Social Performance in Charleston, SC
David Martin: The Effect of Injury on Athlete Confidence After Returning to a Sport
Hannah Martin: The Portrayal of Sir Lancelot in French and English Arthurian Literature
Margaret Martin: The Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to the Motor Cortex on the Process of Adaptation
Chloe Mattila: Determination of a Nutritious, Cost Effective, and Easy to Prepare Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe to Supplement Nutritional Deficiencies in Cancer Patients
John McFee: Reducing Homophobia Through Use of Local Data
Harrison McGrath: The Creation and Execution of a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
Thomas McNerney: Evaluating Concussions in High School Football
Jackson McQueeney: A Comparative Meta-Analysis of the Rise of Right-Wing Nationalist Parties in the UK
Chase Michaelsen: Effect of Promotions on Drawing Diverse Minor League Baseball Attendance
Brookelynn Miller: Studying the Effects of A Music Based Curriculum on Student Comprehension in Core Subjects
Caroline Mitchum: An Analysis of Preventive Dentistry in the Americas
Dhruv Mukherjee: Creating a Literary Fiction Portraying Key Characters Both the Protagonist and Antagonist
Sophie Myrick: An Examination of the Intersection Between the LGBT Community and Cosplay
Earl Navarro: Modeling the Contributing Variables of Elementary Education as a Complex System
Mary Claire Newsom: Evaluating the Use of Integrative Medicine in Attempt to Reduce Prescription Opioid Linked Heroin Overdoses
Jack Niesse: The Creation of Sport Broadcast at a SC High School
JJ Odell: Creating a Computer Stimulation of Rockets’ Interplanetary Trajectories to Enhance Students’ Knowledge
Garrett Olofsson: Levels of Microplastic Pollution in the Marine Environment
Zachary O’Neal: The Possible Relationship Between Delay of Gratification and Intelligence
Damon Otero: Improvement of Jazz Melody Generation in Machine Learning Programs
Emma Otey: A Comparison of the Improvement of Efficacy Between Laparoscopic and Robot-Assisted Surgical Techniques Using Novices
Amanda Parker: Conveying the Importance of Sexual Assault and Rape Awareness Through Artistic Creativity
Michael Pi: A Comparison of AngularJS and Angular 2+
Karl Pless: Delivery of Micellar Resveratrol Derivatives to Brain Tumors as a Chemotherapeutic
Andrew Potts: The Effects of Graphics on Educational Video Games for Teaching Basic Arithmetic
Nick Price: Exercised Based Neural Rehabilitation
Carolyn Prickett: A Study of Fundraising to Raise Awareness and Donation for the Indonesian Water Crisis
Alexander Puckhaber: Implementing Multiphase Simulation Methods in PySPH
Will Ray: The Application of a Neural Network in Predicting Stock Prices
Madeline Richards: Determining Common Reasons Why Pet Owners Do Not Comply with Recommended Heatworm Preventative Administration
Payton Ritter: Public Education for Low Socioeconomic Children
Joe Rogers: The Effects of Social Media on Procrastination
Isabel Root: An Analysis of Authoritarianism in the Rachel Maddow Show and the O’Reilly Factor in the Context of the 2016 Election
Bryson Rose: Analyzing the differences between a vegetarian and a non vegetarian diet
Ethan Santi: An Analysis Using Solar Power to Lower the Cost of Electricity
Brett Schlesinger: Conformational Preferences of Si-Substituted Silacyclopentenes: Synthesis, Infared and NMR Spectroscopic Characterization, and Ab Initio Computational Modeling of 1-Chloro, 1-Bromo, and 1-Fluorosilacyclopent-3-ene
Caroline Seymour: Reducing Pediatric Radiation and Sedation With Fast Brain MRI Technology
Nathan Shirley: Play Therapy as an Alternative Form of Physical Therapy Treatment in a Child with Cerebral Palsy
Anna Smirnova: The Impact of Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube Additives on the Nanoscale Morphology of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Thin Films Processed From Binary Solvent Mixtures
Hannah Smith: Maximizing Energy Efficiency Through the Design of a Tiny Home to Achieve Zero Net Energy
Isaac Smith: Using Video Games as Study Tools to Increase Student Motivation
Megan Smith: Hurricane Preparation Education in Middle Schools By The State
Maggie Snyder: Combatting Voter Suppression Through Awareness Programs: Developing an Outline
Ian Stadtmueller: Calculating a Return on Investment for Solar Power in Residential Buildings in the Charleston Area

John Staubes:  Minimizing the Risk of Brain Death Through Technology
Lea Staykoff: A Study of Substance Abuse, Addiction, Mental Illness, And How they Co-occur
Duncan Streit: The Influence of Social Echo Chambers on Polarization of Political Sentiment
Kori Swanson:  A Comparative Analysis of Aged-Out Orphan Care:  Determining Feasibility Under the People’s Republic of China Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations’ Activities
Declan Sykes: Prevalence of Post Concussion Syndrome in Athletes
Kelsey Thomas: American Beauty: Controversies and Perceptions of Tattoos in the Westernized Wolrd
Chris Thomasson: Mitigating Market Flooding With Green Solutions
Abby Tickle: Understanding Risk Factors Contributing to a Higher Incidence of ACL Tears in Female Athletes
William Tipton: An Evaluation of the 2016 Presidential Election
Grace Tumbleston: Jury Makeup According to Gender and Its Influence on Conviction Rates in Cases of Criminal Sexual Conduct in South Carolina
Helena Upshaw: The Effects of Music Therapy on Dementia Patients
Belle Valiulis: Increasing Public Awareness on the Swallow-tailed Kite through the Creation of a Webpage
Max von Asten: Understanding the Effective Inhibition Time of ARL 67156
Kevin Walsh: Molecular Dynamics Analysis of the Viral Protein HBx in HBV
Alec Waring: The Effects of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet on Rate of Recovery in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Patients
Annsley Webb: Establishing a Need for an Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Program at the Medical University of South Carolina
Emily White: The  Effects of Varieties of Compost on Bell Peppers and Eggplants
Abby Williamson: The Sensory Friendly Class: A Study to Design the Optimal Sensory Environment to Promote Health and Learning in the Preschool Classroom
Elena Wilson: Modeling Immunotherapy by Culturing T-Cells With Interlekins
Bailey Winter: Potential Negative Effects that Voter Identification Laws Place on the Electorate
Jenny Yao: Modeling Nutrient Distributions in Cardiac Spheroids
Sarah Yetman: The Advantages of Implementing Solar Direct-Current Microgrids
Adam Ziff: An Analysis of the Success of Markov Chains for Algorithmic Composition of Music