Dugo Dugo- A Senior Thesis by Liam Rowley

Senior Liam Rowley has dedicated much of his time this school year to making a movie for his thesis project. He completed and presented his thesis in the middle of January, and has been able to present his short film to focus classes of every grade here at Academic Magnet. This movie, entitled Dugo Dugo is about 13 minutes long and includes student actors: Paul Whitaker, Sully Murdock, Julius Cale, and Liam himself. Liam had a lot of help from Henry Lessene and Jack Niesse as well in terms of filming the set. Much of the filming took place over this year’s Winter break as Liam worked hard to get all of the film he needed before his lead actor, Paul Whitaker, left the country for the rest of the break, and for Liam to complete the film by January 1st, as this was the deadline for him to send the movie to one of his top choice colleges. Everyone who was able to attend one of the many viewings of Dugo Dugo was extremely impressed with the acting, cinematography, and the film as a whole. Liam is very relieved to have this project completed and is excited to share it with anyone and everyone. He does not plan to stop here; Liam is currently looking for ideas on his next project, which will likely be a documentary.

To view the film Dugo Dugo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccFZwvn9xKM&feature=share