Garrett Kelly: First Presenter in the Senior Class


The beginning of the school year is always a stressful time for the Senior Class. APs and college applications aside, the end of the first semester also means the arrival of the final thesis deadline. For one Magnet Senior, tackling that deadline was a piece of cake. Garrett Kelly was the first person in the class to present his thesis, an evaluation of language in the classic 90’s movie, Clueless, and he met with me to tell me little more about his project.

1. What excites you most about be doing with your thesis?

The fact that I don’t have to work on it anymore and that I can devote my time to other things such as college apps

2. What was the hardest part about doing a trilingual pop culture thesis?

Having to watch one film with sub titles and one dubbed version because that was the only available DVD of Clueless

3. Do you relate to any of the Clueless characters?

If I were to relate to any it would probably be Cher because I feel just as clueless sometimes.

4. Do you have any advice for people  getting ready to present?

I would say to definitely talk to your advisor and mentor about revisions and taking their advice as well as running through your actual presentation a couple of times alone to get comfortable with the material, also don’t stress out too much because it was a lot less stressful than I expected it to be.

5. How do you feel about being the first person in the senior class to present?

Kind of bizarre but also grateful that I can help other people with their presentations if needed.