RG 3 Injuries Every Week

Carter Shubert and Potter Seibels

It is no surprise that the fragile Robert Griffin III is injured again. He has now fractured his coracoid bone in his left shoulder. Although he claims that he is the “best quarterback in the league” he has had six injuries since 2012 and has a whopping record of 14-22 as a starter.  He is now classified as a living potato or someone who can’t play football if you will.  

Throughout his illustrious career Griffin has been good at four things: getting injured, throwing interceptions, getting sacked, and being downright awful.  Based on this I would 100% sign him to my roster in hopes of making it to the Super Bowl.  While he does make roughly 11 million dollars a year, he spends most of it on personal trainers in rehab. I’m sure that RGIII is also excited to know that he is the 32nd ranked quarterback out of 33 in the NFL.  A few weeks ago when we looked up injury in the dictionary,  his picture appeared there.  What a coincidence! Last week the only quarterback that he finished ahead of was the placeholder for the Los Angeles Rams who lost 28-0 to the San Francisco 49ers.  Nice.  We don’t mean to be critical of RGIII, but why would anyone ever want him on their team.  We have so much confidence in Griffin and we believe that he should be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame (of injuries) at this instant.  His best option at this point is to pull a Tim Tebow and find another sport to play.

While our man is a serious liability, in all honesty, he is and was strong athlete. He was the heisman winner in 2011 at Baylor. In 2011, he also won the National Player of the Year honors by multiple outlets and Davey O’Brien and Manning Awards after leading Baylor to 10-3 regular-season record, its first bowl win in 19 years and No. 12 final national ranking as junior. We all just hope he can return to his previous athleticism as shown in college.  You have to feel sorry for the guy though.  We mean come on he’s had eight injuries since he entered the league in 2012.  Hopefully he can get back on the field stronger than ever and use his athleticism to his advantage.  

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