“My Magnet” Phrases [RANKED]

Which is your favorite?

With Academic Magnet’s new administration, in the form of the notorious Jacob Perlmutter, there has come a brand new school motto. The “my magnet” chant comes in many forms (about five according to personal findings). If you’re anything like me then you may be wondering which variant best represents our school, and perhaps which one worst represents our school. With my unwavering ability to weigh a multitude of factors and student opinions, I will be ranking all “my magnet” variants. This will simply be a list, see Nola Webb and Gracie Mochizuki’s article for an in-depth analysis of “my magnet” and what it truly means.

[5] “My Mind, My Body, My Magnet”

I could not find an image of this one, so I’ve created one myself. I could be completely making this one up but I think I remember it being presented at the senior meeting at the beginning of this year. The “my mind” variant ranks lowest on the list because it’s a bit too different from the others. Also, it’s ironic considering the dress code argument that ran rampant at the start of the school year.

[4] “My Tomorrow, My Future, My Magnet”

This one is just a bit redundant. Tomorrow and future are pretty much the same thing.

[3] “Know More, Do More, My Magnet”

It represents the school’s desire to do more within the academic field, but it doesn’t even follow the “My, My, My” format.

[2] “My Dreams, My Choice, My Magnet” 

Not sure what we’re choosing. I know that a decent amount of students were forced to go here by their parents, so it can’t be that. Dreams, though, are great! For those of us who break our backs at this school and have our heads on straight, it’s nice to see that our plans and dreams are recognized.

[1] “My Path, My Best, My Magnet”

The “path” variant ranks the highest on this list! It isn’t redundant and it doesn’t evoke thoughts of a widely unwanted dress code! The “path” variant encapsulates the hard-working attitude of the average magnet student. In my experience, I feel as though most students here pave their own path and try their best.

[Honorable Mention] “I’m Jacob Perlmutter and this is my magnet”

Not technically a variant of the “my magnet” motto, but found in the Jacob Perlmutter video on the official AMHS school website. I quote this video for the sake of conspiracy. Does Mr. Perlmutter’s display of it being “my magnet” (as in his magnet) mean that it’s his magnet in all of the variants? Mr. Perlmutter’s Tomorrow, Mr. Perlmutter’s Future, Mr. Perlmutter’s Magnet??? This is beginning to feel like a dystopian plot boys and girls – prepare for the worst!