How to Keep Thanksgiving Interesting

Who said you’re supposed to be polite.

A good ole family gathering.

A good ole family gathering.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year which comes with many traditions. But these traditions of eating good food and catching up with your family never create a unique experience. I know many of you have had good thanksgivings but can you remember a specific one. If you want to create a special thanksgiving, one that you will remember forever, then continue reading this article which will give you some ideas on popular topics. 


Politics: Experts say not to talk about politics because they can be polarizing but if you truly want to spice up the conversation and learn about your family’s feelings then this is a great topic to bring up. 

  • Explain why we need a wall on the southern border
  • Tell your uncle from Texas that his guns are responsible for thousands of deaths
  • Discuss whether or not your cousin’s abortion should be allowed
  • Trump…

Financial Advice: Ever wonder how you can make and save more money. The best way is to ask those around you how they got it. This will not only teach you how to handle money better but also create another fun situation. 

  • Talk about the money another family member owes you
  • Ask how much your parents make
  • Ask how much your grandparents are leaving behind in the will 
  • Ask your uncle how much his new car cost

Fun Family Bonding Activities: Thanksgiving is a great time to bond with your family, try some of these activities for a guaranteed great time. 

  • Try to “ice” your family
  • Have “the talk” with your whole family present
  • Spike the sweet tea and enjoy the rest
  • Tell your siblings they are adopted
  • Pull out your Juul and offer it to your grandparents

Sharing Time!: We have all made mistakes, this is the best time to share those stories. 

  • Announce your older brother is welcoming a child 
  • Tell your mom you’re pregnant
  • Discuss what drugs you have done
  • Share the time that you walked in on your parents
  • Wait to tell your Jewish cousins that there’s pork in the food
  • Tell about the time your dad ran over the family pet
  • Ask your parents about their divorce
  • Ask your pregnant aunt who the REAL father is 

Loving Advice: We all have questions for our family along with advice for their life choices. Here’s your time to shine and ask all those questions you’ve been dying to ask. 

  • Question your single aunt about why she is single
  • Your sister’s lack of children
  • Suggest that your grandparents be taken to a home 
  • Comment suggestions for family members to make their food better next year
  • Tell your weird aunt that you don’t like her Christmas gifts. Suggest alternatives

Honesty Hour!: Thanksgiving is not only a good time to give thanks but to be honest about all of your mistakes. 

  • Tell your mom you have a new boyfriend who has piercings and drives a motorcycle 
  • Ask your parents about there previous marriages and other loves 
  • Figure out what really happened to your fish
  • Ask your parents if their wedding was a shotgun one 

Expressing Gratitude: Thanksgiving is all about sharing what you’re thankful for. Try to be honest and use some fo these.

  • Explain why your dad is the favorite parent
  • Explain how thankful you are for your parent’s divorce
  • Discuss how unthankful you are for your little brother

Giving thanks to the Lord: Religion is another topic that many recommend not to talk about with your family especially if there are different religions at the table. However, if done right with the help of these activities it can be a great topic that will keep everyone interested in the conversation. 

  • So now’s a good time to tell your Catholic grandparents that God’s not real
  • Tell your religious family that you are coming out of the closet

Now’s your time to shine and share what you learned on Thursday. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas at the table, the best thing you can do is to stir the pot. Nothing interesting comes from a “normal” conversation, try to think of the details of the last normal conversation you had. Exactly you can’t remember, make this Thanksgiving one for the books. 

Please note that this is a joke and was not intended to offend anyone. Have a nice Thanksgiving.