A Day in The Life of Being Quarantined By My Mother

I’m Not Even Sick. This is what it feels like anyway.


Like every other kid, I thought that school being canceled would be a great thing. However, I soon learned that it was actually the worst thing that could happen. I’m sure for other people it’s great but as soon as I got home I was locked in my room and “quarantined” by my mother.
Note that I do not have any symptoms and feel completely fine but I guess she just wants to protect her favorite. The problem that I’m having is that there is nothing to do. So I was forced to be creative. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Sleeping: I’ve been doing a lot of this, maybe too much.
  2. Homework: The whole online school thing is actually pretty nice because it’s not too much work at least for seniors and the teachers have been very nice about when everything is due.
  3. Punching Things: When I’m really bored I just punch a hole in my wall. I haven’t gotten in trouble yet cause no one is allowed in my room but I’ll let you know what happens when they find out.
  4. Playing on my Phone: This takes up most of my time but I’m running out of free games to play so please text me some more.
  5. Cleaning my Room: I wouldn’t say my room is a wreck but its definitely not clean. So with all this time I’ve had, I started to clean my room. Not only is it clean but I’ve found some cool stuff.

My biggest problem, however, isn’t being bored. So here’s a list of the problems with being quarantined for no reason.

  1. Going to the Bathroom: At first, I didn’t think this would be an issue but within a few hours I realized it would. This process starts with me yelling at my mom and then when I get back to my room she proceeds to Lysol everything including the floor which I walked on.
  2. Eating: I am given meals three times a day which are slid under my door kinda like I’m in prison. They’re decent, nothing special, but the best part is when my dad sneaks me snacks under my door.
  3. Staying Warm: For some reason, my room is the coldest in the house meaning the majority of the time I’m in my bed under the covers.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my pain and if you have any recommendations on what to do please let me know.