Mr. Perlmutter’s Recognition by the Charleston County Council

Recognized for his work to improve the lives and education of Charleston County students

Mr. Perlmutter receiving his recognition

This Tuesday, February 21, Mr. Perlmutter, among other esteemed Charleston educators, was recognized for improving the lives of his students at Jerry Zucker Middle School and Academic Magnet High School. This was presented to him by District 2 County Council member Larry Kobrovsky.

In this resolution, he was honored for his commitment to his students and his eagerness for professional development opportunities. He has participated in the Principals for Tomorrow Program and School Leadership Executive Institute Cohort. He has also participated in The Riley Institute Diversity Leadership Connections SC Program and the Center for Creative Leadership and is a recognized Freedom Writer teacher by the Erin Gruwell Freedom Writer Foundation.

I’m proud of this recognition because I’m proud of the work that it honors… service to others. My vehicle has been education, but whatever the vehicle is, each of us should be devoted to the improvement of others, especially others who are vulnerable.

— Mr. Perlmutter

In 2011, Mr. Perlmutter was appointed principal of Zucker Middle School, located off of Dorchester Road. In his time there, Mr. Perlmutter transformed the school by bringing beneficial changes to his students. During his tenure, the school received four National Showcase School Awards from Capturing Kids Hearts, which recognizes schools for “cultivating relational capacity, improving school culture, strengthening trust between teachers and students, building self-managing classrooms, creating accountability, improving academic performance, and fostering trauma-informed care” (Capturing Kid’s Hearts). He was recognized by the county for his “exemplary outcomes with transformational processes focused on social-emotional wellbeing, relationship-driven campus culture, and student connectedness.” Mr. Perlmutter was also a national finalist for the National 2015 Escalante-Grandillas Best in Education Award. This award is given to teachers or administrators who “[exemplify] the commitment to learning, discipline, and high expectations” at their schools.

Throughout his time in education, Mr. Perlmutter has strived to work for the betterment of his students and those around him. Academic Magnet High School is proud of his accomplishments and honored to have him as our principal. Congratulations to Mr. Perlmutter!

The official resolution honoring Mr. Perlmutter