Saying Goodbye to Ms. Chrysler

It is with great sadness that we say farewell to guidance counselor, Ms. Chrysler, as she moves to Nevada. While only at Academic Magnet for one year, she made a lasting impact on our student body by being someone you could always talk to whether that be about grades, anxiety, or college applications. Everyone in the senior class knew her name, whether or not she was their counselor, – a show of her impact. Her door was truly always open, and her office was a great place to decompress. She answered endless questions about senior college woes, junior class changes, and even comforted students as they cried. Despite the fact that she is preparing to move on September 30th, she is still working hard to make sure our seniors are ready for college and have all of their letters of recommendation in. All of her seniors that we talked to made sure to mention how all of their college material was in and how thankful they were.

At a place like Magnet where the atmosphere is sometimes very high stress, Ms. Chrysler’s humor and wit was much needed and will be sorely missed. Her ability to reassure students while also making them laugh cannot be replaced. In celebration of her time here, we asked some students about their experiences and fond memories of Ms. Chrysler and here is what they had to say:

“She made me feel better about my questionable grades” – Ella Chapman

“Loved her candy and her advice” – Livia Carrol 

“An authentic person to talk to” – Noah Boudolf 

“She’s always there when you need her” – Lilly Skinner 

“When she’s in the building you know she’s going to get the job done” – Molly Schweickhardt

“She made sure all of my college documents and recommendations got in super early, so now I’m ready for college” – Sarah Baer 

“Sheś hilarious and does the best roasts” – Anonymous 

It wasn’t just students who appreciated her presence. Within her time here, she made close friendships with the other guidance counselors, with students noting how they worked together like a well oiled machine. Mr. Cosgrove also made sure to note how he appreciated her humor and wanted to make sure that The Talon wrote her a proper goodbye.

Personally, Ms. Chrysler was not my guidance counselor but when I went to her office after I got into a car accident on the way to school, she comforted me and made me feel much better, something that felt impossible that morning. It takes a special type of person to listen to an upset teenager at 8:30am, and to be able to comfort them is an even greater skill. 

During her time here, Magnet improved their college counseling services, in part to her contributions. She helped to organize multiple college preparation workshops with the junior class, built a room that gave a quiet space to work on college essays, and supported the Magnet student body. We wish her the best in the next chapter of her life in Nevada and she will be sorely missed.