Tyler, the Creator: Beyond His Music

The sun beamin’. Y’all ready?


Luis “Panch” Perez / courtesy Golf Le Fleur

Tyler, the Creator has been a staple name in the music industry for roughly the past decade, for his musical debut began in 2007 with his collaboration on the Odd Future mixtapes. Alongside Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, and other soon-to-be big name artists, Tyler, the Creator established himself as one to be on the lookout for. Today, the Goblin rapper has only increased his popularity through his unapologetic, frank personality and expressive (and sometimes controversial) lyrics.

courtesy Golf le Fleur

Last summer, Tyler, the Creator dropped his sixth studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost (CMIYGL); best described as a rhythmic storytelling of the life of Tyler’s eccentric persona, Sir Tyler Baudelaire, the 16-track album features several other well-known artists, like 42 Dugg and Lil Uzi Vert. However, the album was not the only project to which Tyler, the Creator was dedicating his time and energy. Similar to the release of his past albums, the California rapper also announced a corresponding clothing line with his fashion brand, Golf le Fleur. However, this time, his collection expanded to go beyond just clothing, branching out into accessories and fragrances to match the CMIYGL aesthetic.

As of recent, Tyler, the Creator can be scouted wearing light-colored earth tones and pastels, marking his change from the IGOR era to the CMIYGL one; his outfits now often include colorful cheetah prints, fur-lined ushanka hats, and soft shapes and silhouettes. When asked to comment on his current style in an interview with Vogue Magazine, the artist replied, saying:

People make jokes like, ‘Dude, you’re in that dumb*** cheetah-print sweater and that same hat and those brown pants every day.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s my favorite thing. Why wouldn’t I want to wear my favorite thing all the time?’

— Tyler, the Creator in Vogue Magazine

Over the past few years, the one and only Flower Boy has become more vocal about his passions for fashion and design. In fact, even though he has produced merchandise numerous times for his past album releases, this line is one that many consider to be “beyond merchandise.” While his previous clothing drops reflected the vibes of his past music, resulting in mainly streetwear to be the main style of Tyler’s merchandise, the CMIYGL line tells a much different story. The inspiration for the collection comes from Tyler’s own sweet tooth; he reveals that the pastel color scheme reflects his personal cravings for sugary delicacies, such as “macarons, cupcakes, doughnuts, pancakes, and maple syrup.” See below for this line’s official Golf le Fleur catalog, which showcases their latest nail polish line, French Waltz perfume, and more.

One major facet of the CMIYGL storyline is that Sir Baudelaire is journeying through Europe, sightseeing the countryside of Switzerland by passenger train and enjoying the luxuries that go along with the character’s carefree lifestyle. This concept led Tyler, the Creator’s brand to go above and beyond with this album’s respective merchandise; in hand with the vibrant, spirited clothing, Golf le Fleur also released a trio of nail polishes, perfume, and a suitcase collaboration with luxury travel-gear brand, Globe-Trotter.

Bel-Air Sunglasses ($250), Golf le Fleur x Globe-Trotter Trunk ($2,095), and Glitter Nail Polish ($20) / courtesy Golf le Fleur

Additionally, what also makes this clothing line so distinct from his previous is its craftsmanship and authenticity. Tyler, the Creator noted that he wanted to hone in on quality and sticking to his personal vision for the brand, meaning that his products not only cost a lot to produce on his end, but they also cost more than usual for his fans. For example, the most recognizable aspects of the collection, the baby blue and tangerine orange mohair sweater vests, are handmade in Italy, and thus are priced at $500. And the preppy leather loafers go for over $300 a pair. Nonetheless, his latest collection has done exceptionally well in terms of traction, which could be due in large part to the physical rendition that was created in collaboration with the album.

Inside the Malibu Golf le Fleur pop-up shop / courtesy Golf le Fleur

In the hills of Malibu, California, there resides a quaint, clay-looking, robin blue building. On the outside, the playful, cartoon-esque looking store appears like not much, but a lot of thought and design went into the making of the Golf le Fleur pop-up shop. In an interview with Fast Company, the rapper-designer expressed that he had specific visions and hopes for the creation of not only the store, but the overall aesthetic of Golf le Fleur for this era.

Every aspect of the store and products were calculated. For instance, Tyler, the Creator, pointed out that the shelves and windows of the pop-up shop were purposefully rounded; he revealed his dislike of corners and straight edges, for they did not express the same message that he wants to present to his audience. This concept is also reflected in the clothing itself, for during the same interview, he showcased the attention to detail that went into the brown pleated pants whose back pockets have a scalloped edges rather than the traditional straight ones.

courtesy Golf le Fleur

A man of many visions and talents, Tyler, the Creator has been making waves for years, both in the music and fashion industry. While this project is not his first time dabbling into fashion design, it is one of the first times in which his company, Golf le Fleur, has gone beyond their usual T-shirt merchandise and Converse collaborations to dive into the world of high-end fashion. Tyler, the Creator is no stranger to breaking social norms, for he has been called out for his foul language, odd clothing style, and blunt lyrics time and time again. Yet, what makes Tyler, the Creator stand out from the rest is that he does not ask for forgiveness for any of it; he knows his image, and he sticks to it, no matter what others may say. That being said, his image is forever evolving along with him and his music, and with such a stark surfacing into the fashion world, one can only anticipate what is to come next.