Ranking Halloween Candy

What’s your favorite candy?


Halloween is a fun time for everybody and most people have fond memories of trick treating in costumes throughout their childhood. That being said, at the end of the day there were always better houses than others, and that as mostly based on the individual candy quantity and of course the type. Today I will be giving my opinion on the top halloween candies and handouts that I have been given over the years

25. Halloween Trinkets/ Party Favors

These are the plastic little toys and decorations that a lot of houses give out on halloween. I’m sorry but if you give these out instead of candy you are a bum. None of these are used for more than a day, and I’m sure these are terrible for the environment considering they are all made out of cheap plastics and thrown away in less than a week.

24. Any Non-Candy Foods

The whole point of halloween is to get a trick or “treat” so I was immediately disappointed if the house was handing out something healthy. Eating healthy is for every other day of the year, not on a holiday. While home baked goods are nice, it’s always tough to store it for later, and impossible to put in your bag. Finally the amount of one time plastic water bottles I used to receive at houses is concerning, nobody should be handing out water for Halloween.

23. Bit-O-Honey

If you have never tried these I envy you. Easily one of the worst candies in the modern era. These simply do not have enough sugar, and honey is not one something I really want in candy form. Bit-O-Honey’s were one of the few candies that if I got it, I would just not eat it.

22. Whoppers

Whoppers are another candy that have not been favored in the modern era. The problem with whoppers is the core principle is flawed. You cannot have a good candy with hard malted milk in the middle. The crunch and taste with chocolate is not appealing and whenever I decide to try it again, I’m left wishing I hadn’t. This is one that should have been left in the past.

21. Dubble-Bubble/Any Type of Gum

Gum is essentially just not a good candy. While I like other types of gum, sweet gum is usually not appealing, and is never something you would actually buy. It seemed I would always receive more than was humanly possible to eat, and in the end it seemed more went to waste than got eaten.

20. Lollipops/Dum Dums

This is another candy that I somehow I always receive like 500 of and end up only being able eat a few. While these are the first candy to almost always taste good, the overall Lollipop experience is not generally enjoyable.

19. Candy Corn

I know this already is a massive debate, and although the candy does gain points for being so iconic, Candy Corn is nothing special. The taste is unique and it can be enjoyable at times, but I always seem to think the candy is just too sweet.

18. Milk Duds

Caramel and chocolate should be a good combination, and it works very well in both Snickers and Twix, but falls well  short of the mark in Milk Duds. They are fairly enjoyable when cold, but when they get warms it’s over.

17. Raisinets

Obviously this is a polarizing candy because it depends on whether you like raisins or not. I am not a raisin ethusiast, but I think they are decent, and that’s why I think Raisinets are a decent candy. The chocolate goes surprisingly well with the raisin, but in the end you can’t get over the fact that it’s still essentially just a raisin.

16. Twizzlers

This classic strawberry licorice candy starts to cross in the pretty good territory of the candy rankings. I enjoy twizzlers most of the time, but I find that they get too chewy a little too fast. Twizzlers also lose a few points because all of the variation flavors of these suck. Chocolate, orange, cola, watermelon etc. Twizzler flavors all suck.

15. Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie rolls taste good as a candy, but there’s not much interesting happening taste wise. This puts it right in the middle of the road for candy ranking. While I will eat tootsie rolls, they are never a top choice and I would never go out and buy them individually. These also lose a few points for having absolutely awful variations like the vanilla tootsie rolls.

14. Skittles

The hard chewy shells with the signature “S” on it are definitely an above average candy.  Almost all the flavors in the bag are guaranteed to taste good with Grape and Strawberry at the top of the list. Additionally it’s always fun to create new flavor combinations with them. These would always get eaten, even if it wasn’t a top choice.

13. Airheads/ Laffy Taffy

To me these candies are very similar, both are essentially flavored pieces of taffy. The flavors of Laffy Taffy are sweeter and more fruity while the Airheads flavors are a little more realistic. Additionally I slightly prefer the Laffy taffy consistency as the airheads do get to be too chewy. Both candies also are an absolute pain to get out of the wrappers, essentially if it gets melted. While I slightly prefer Laffy Taffy, these two candies are similar enough to be ranked in the same spot.

12. Hershey’s Bars/ Hershey’s Kisses

These chocolate bars are iconic and probably one of the most popular chocolates in general right now. While these are amazing for s’mores, I find that on halloween with all the other chocolates, these are kind of boring in comparison. There are chocolates with peanut butter, caramel, nuts, etc so Hershey’s are a little underwhelming on Halloween. Additionally, I find that these start to taste too sweet and a little fake after just a few.

11. Starbursts

These are similar to Laffy Taffy and airheads with their taffy like structure, but in my opinion these outrank each of those because of how good starburst flavors are. The pink strawberry ones are phenomenal, and all the other flavors are high quality with the exception of lemon.

10. Milky Way

Milky Way’s are always solid with the nougat, caramel, and the chocolate coating. Milky Way’s are nothing special, but definitely approaching the top tier candies. Fun Fact: U.S. Milky Way Bars are called Mars Bars in the rest of the world, and the global Milky Way Bars are called 3 Musketeers in the U.S.

9. Nerds

These are different from most candies on the list because no other candy here is just a box of miniature sugar beads. These are pretty much just straight sugar and some flavoring so of course they taste good. Additionally, these gain some extra points because nerd ropes are incredible.

8. M&M’s

Everybody knows these and probably has had them dozens of times at least. These are great, but like the Hershey’s bars I feel they can get kinda boring, which makes sense because the chocolate tastes almost identical. These gain a ton of extra points because of just how good peanut M&M’s are. Caramel M&M’s are good too.

7. Haribo Gummy Bears/ Sour Patch Kids

Since these are the two most popular types of gummies, I grouped them together. This is a tough decision because in a vacuum these are two of my favorites and probably top 5 overall. The problem is on halloween these would always come in tiny bags with like 4 sour patch kids per bag. While these are still great, they lose a few points for the packaging.

6. Twix

The great Twix Vs. Snickers debate will go on, but in my opinion Twix are just a tiny bit inferior. The caramel, chocolate, and short bread combo is amazing but I prefer the softer crunch of the Snicker’s Bar.

5. Snicker’s

Snicker’s are the best caramel candy on the list. The soft nougat and caramel combo is amazing, and the peanuts add a slight enjoyable crunch. These easily slide into the top 5 conversation.

4. Butterfinger’s

I will not accept Butterfinger slander in this article. The peanut butter core adds the perfect taste and a unique texture with crunch. The only downside is these can be hard on the teeth sometimes, and if you try to eat these cold or frozen you might lose one. These are a definite top 5.

3. Nestle Crunch Bar

On the surface Crunch Bars do not seem very special, just chocolate and and crisped rice, but together it creates one of the best candy combinations. The crunch that the crisped rice creates is addictive and I feel this is an easy top 3 candy.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Not much needs to be said about these. Its the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have these as one of their favorites. It honestly can be argued for best candy, but it falls just short in my opinion.

1. Kit Kat Bars

It’s super close, however, Kit Kat Bars just barely edge out Reese’s. The wafers and chocolate are an addictive combination, and the consistency of Kit Kats is unmatched. They always are fresh and crunchy, and they can still taste good after being a little melted because of the support the wafer provides. A phenomenal candy overall.