Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What Should You Carve This Fall?

Don’t be scared of tricks, this article is a treat! Some pumpkin inspiration!

Fall has arrived! As much as I hate to see summer go, I am ready for the spooky season and you should be too. To get us all in the mood for autumn, I have decided to give you some inspiration for your pumpkin carving festivities. Below, you will find 5 levels of varying pumpkin carving difficulty. Inspiration for everyone! 


Level 1

For the population of lazy students at AMHS, pumpkin carving may feel like too much work or too big of an obstacle to tackle. However, these ideas are very simple and I assure you that you can do them! Here are some classic yet great pumpkin carving ideas for beginners. 


First up, we have the timeless Jack-O-Lantern. The most famous symbol of Halloween is the easy option when brainstorming pumpkin carving ideas. The eyes and nose are easy, just three triangles. However, the mouth may prove a little tricky. I suggest using a stencil or template to guide you. Add a light inside to make it wayyy cooler in the dark and more spooky!!

Gruesome Ghost

I mean c’mon guys, this has to be the easiest carving out there! I assure you that even the laziest raptors can complete this pumpkin. With just three oval cut outs, you can create a cute and spooky pumpkin for everyone to enjoy. For an extra touch, you can add two small ovals for a nose. Boo!

Bloodcurdling Bat 

Another classic symbol of halloween, I personally think that a bat pumpkin would make a great addition to your porch steps. You could create the batman logo like the picture above or a more realistic bat. Either way, it will turn out great!!


Level 2 

Level up! These next pumpkins may require a little more skill or some stencils but are still feasible for the vast majority of raptors.

Puking Pumpkin

An interactive take on the classic jack o lantern, this pumpkin is seriously cool and fairly easy. All you have to do is use your leftover pumpkin guts to create this personified puking pumpkin (Wow, what an alliteration!)

Outrageous Owl

Hoootttt. This famous halloween character would make a perfect pumpkin for you this fall. You could create a cute cartoon owl like the picture above or a realistic owl perched on a fall branch. Through the use of a stencil or template, this pumpkin would be easy as pie. I love it!

Jarring Jack O Lantern 

Wow. Spooky. If you’re going for a real scare, this frightening take on the classic Jack-O-Lantern is for you. This person took the memorable triangle eyes and heartwarming smile of the classic symbol and made them jagged and harsh. How unique! 


Level 3

Next up, level 3! Okay… it’s getting a little harder. For these, you may need some real artistic skills or at least a really good stencil. These pumpkins are seriously impressive. 

Perplexed Pumpkin

This sick squash was carved by one of our own, senior Embre Slack. I was seriously impressed when I learned of her carving abilities and even more impressed when I saw this work of art. As the design takes up the entire front of the pumpkin, this must have taken some tough work. The uniform teeth and different eye shapes give the pumpkin a human-like expression that is one to remember. 

Withering Witch Cauldron

Oooooo, sppppooookkyyy. This is probably the toughest obstacle that level 3 holds. However, it is good to challenge yourself sometimes. So, you should carve some time out of your fall to tackle this scene of a witch mixing potions. 

Creepy Cat

Especially during the spooky season, black cats get a bad rap. However, this pumpkin design is as lucky as it gets. This ominous cat perched on a lone branch is lit up by the light behind it, you should totally do this!


Level 4

Artists, listen up! We are nearing the end and therefore the edge of impossible pumpkins. If you have some serious time and dynamic artistic skills, you may be able to tackle these carvings. However, if not, these recommendations will probably remain a dream.  

Scary Scene on a Squash

Wow. From the “Happy Halloween” lettering to the detailed cartoon house, this gourd is seriously impressive. While this would take some commitment, the reward of completing this work of art would outweigh the treacherous process. 

Horrific Haunted House 

Straight out of Hotel Transylvania, a haunted house is super spooky and a killer pumpkin carving. This one is pretty intricate but you could simplify it for your own skill level. 

Lit Leaves 

These leaves are super lit and this pumpkin has autumn written all over it! This would take some serious stencils and a steady hand so proceed with caution but I love this wholesome gourd. If you do this one, send it to me immediately!


Level 5

Alright, you’ve reached peak difficulty. For about 99% of the population, these pumpkins are just cool to look at and will remain for show. But, if you have reached maximum pumpkin carving skill level, you should tackle these impossible works of art. 

Squashy Night

Vincent Van Gogh wishes he was still alive to see this! A very orange take on the famous “Starry Night”, this pumpkin is a true work of art. I’m still shocked just looking at it. 

Themed Pumpkin

WOWWW!! This idea is both spooky and incredible. Attention to detail and patience will be required but you too should choose your favorite show or movie and make a themed pumpkin. 

Galloping Gourd

I can hear the carousel music now. It’s hard to believe that this pumpkin isn’t falling apart because it’s carved to the max. I mean wow… they even had to use toothpicks to hold up the top. What a structure. This pumpkin makes me want to take a trip to the fair. 


Alright!! That concludes my pumpkin carving expertise. I plan to get my carve on this weekend and you should too. If you take my suggestions, feel free to send them over. Happy fall 🙂

RAPTOR PUMPKINS: Here are few pictures of raptor’s past pumpkins. AW!

Burton McCulley, Piper Hudgins, Charlie Zaifert (2023)

Suzanna Carlsten (2022)

Embre Slack (2017 & 2019)



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