Halloween Candy Tier List

Placing Popular Halloween Candy into a S-F Tier List


Elliott Yarborough, Staff Writer

Each year millions of kids across America Trick-or-Treat in search of some delicious and delectable candy. Today I will be reviewing and placing Halloween candy in a tier list.


Starting off the S-tier we have sour patch kids, an absolute classic sour gummy candy. You can never really go wrong with sour patch kids, they are always good and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Next, we have one of my personal favorites: jolly ranchers.  Twix bars are my personal favorite chocolate bar. They have the perfect combination of crunchy biscuit cookie, caramel, and milk chocolate that create a delicious candy bar. Skittles are S-tier for obvious reasons they are a classic staple of Halloween candy and with all of the different flavor types that you can get they are clearly an S-tier candy. Second to last we have Reese’s peanut butter cups which are a classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter. And finally, rounding off the S-tier, we have starburst. With their variety of quality flavors they easily make S-tier.

The flavors are so good plus since it is a hard candy the flavor lasts for a long time compared with other candies that you eat and are gone instantly

— Elliott Yarborough


Starting off the A-tier strong with Kit-Kats. Their unique crunch and delicious milk chocolate make Kit-Kats a very high-tier candy. Snickers makes the A-tier as well simply because I am not a huge fan of peanuts inside a chocolate bar, and I would rather just have peanut butter. Sour punch would make the S-tier but I think sour patch kids are slightly better and it does not make any sense to have two sour candies in the S-tier. Haribo gummy bears are an absolute classic gummy candy and just barely do not make the S-tier. Mike and Ikes I believe are severely underrated and deserve a high spot on the tier list. Nerds are a pretty good candy however I always end up pouring too much of them in my mouth at once. Crunch bars are on the A-tier because of their unique crunch I am going, to be honest, I have no idea what those tiny bumps are that make the crunch all I know is that I enjoy it a lot. Last on the tier is Tootsie-pops which are pretty good, but I think everyone prefers blow-pops to Tootsie-pops which is why they are A-tier.


Reese’s Pieces are worse than Reese’s peanut butter cups simply because they do not have the savory taste that the peanut butter cups add. Lifesavers are just your bang-average hard candy. Dum-Dums are very good lollipops and have a huge variety of flavors however they are very small. Milky-Way bars are pretty decent but they can be a little bland on the flavor side. Dots basically the same thing as Milky Ways just in gummy form. Swedish fish I somewhat dislike only because of this one time when I ate too many of them and my stomach started to hurt and now I can only eat a few of them before I lose my appetite. I actually like Almond Joys quite a lot and their unique coconut and chocolate combination is very good. M & M’s are so average; they are literally just bits of milk chocolate, nothing special. Hershey’s kisses are a pretty decent candy and are only in the B-tier because they are just plain chocolate. Lemonheads are kind of average and do not offer a lot of variety. Last on the B-tier we have Warheads. Personally, I enjoy a good sour candy, but only at certain times. Warheads are not really a candy that I will go out of my way to find, but I do enjoy them. 


Starting off the seat here we have Butterfingers. Butterfingers are in my opinion kind of gross and I really just don’t like them. Twizzlers really lack flavor and I’m just not a fan of licorice in general double bubble gum loses its flavor way too quickly, and whenever you get this candy at Halloween it is usually hard and stale. Laffey taffy‘s are pretty good, but they’re way too chewy and difficult to open. Usually, they just end up getting stuck in my teeth. As a kid, I used to think fun dip was really good but it’s just powder. Pez also really lack a lot of decent flavors the only reason that they’re in the C tear is due to the fun factor that’s added by the Pez dispenser.


Mr. Goodbar is just so average and it doesn’t really add anything unique to the chocolate bar category. Fruit chews are kind of gross and I do not like them very much. Hot tamales, in my opinion, are not good at all and I do not really enjoy spicy candy.


Whoppers are so bad. I feel like I am going to get some hate for this, but I am going to stick by my opinion: they are not good. I think everyone can agree that Tootsie Rolls deserve to be in this category, and there is not much that I need to say about this candy. Now, this is a very controversial opinion, but Candy Corn is a horrible candy. The only reason anyone buys Candy Corn is because of its nostalgic value, and if you only take the candy at face value it is disgusting. Sorry I had to say it.


Starting off the F-tier we have 100 grand. Now I do not get these very often, but when I do I almost never eat them and end up either throwing them away or giving them away. 100 Grand bars are basically entirely peanuts and I have already mentioned that I do not like peanuts in candy bars which is why they are in the F-tier. Gobstoppers have little to no flavor so it is basically like you are sucking on a rock. Pixy-stix are literally just flavored sugar so if I am going to be eating a lot of sugary candy I want it to be a little more inventive and interesting than just eating straight sugar.

Now I am aware some of these placements may cause some controversy, but these are just my opinions and I stand by them. Regardless, Halloween is an absolutely classic holiday that I look forward to every year.