Creative Halloween Costumes

Somewhat unique costumes to spice up your Halloween


I am an avid fan of Halloween. I absolutely love everything about it: the candy, the parties, the movies, and the costumes. The only downfall of this holiday is that I see the same costumes every year. It is a constant cycle of basic costumes that are painfully generic. I admit that my choices are never that complex, but I do love to dress up as a specific character as opposed to types of people like bikers or boxers. These types of costumes have so much potential and can be morphed into a specific character that can elevate it even further. I also always try to pick a costume that allows me to put on makeup or do something with my hair or wear something that is atypical for me. Picking a costume is tough though because you want to do something unique, but you also don’t want to choose something that no one understands so there is a fine line. Although I have labeled this article as Creative Halloween Costumes, I am sure you have heard or seen of some of these. These picks are some that I would like to see more of and some that I think would stun everyone because of their potential to be crazy.

Classy Costumes:

I have been extremely intrigued by choosing costumes that are fancy, but still have that fun touch that keeps it in the Halloween spirit. I have not seen a ton of these costumes in my own personal experience which is why I think they are somewhat creative and would be great ideas. Although many celebrities have taken these on, I feel that they have the potential to be done super well for anyone reading this because they are not too difficult to recreate.

Holly Golightly – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I love this costume. Elegant, simple, and stunning. This is found to make anyone who wears it look absolutely gorgeous with her beautiful black maxi dress and the extravagant jewelry. You could add the accessories of the cigarette holder that she constantly uses throughout the movie and the classic sunglasses. You cannot go wrong with this pick.

Austin Powers – Austin Powers Series

I think this is a funny costume given the character, but it is also a super fun costume that I would recognize as classy given his suit that he wears. Since he wears the navy blue and maroon colored suit, you could go either way and add accessories like the glasses to assure that people know you are Austin. Classic.

Fembot – Austin Powers Series

This could be incorporated as a couple costume with Austin Powers, but it is just as powerful alone. It is cute, fun, and unique. Kendall Jenner is a great example of the costume and I do not think the difficulty level is too extreme for this costume to be an absolute serve.


Betty Boop – Betty Boop Series

This costume is super cute and honestly not too difficult. The hair and makeup is where the real effort comes in because the creativity can come out in it to add to the complexity of this character. I think that anyone good at doing makeup should take the opportunity to be Betty Boop because they would kill it.

James Bond – Bond Series

James Bond is such a classic character, but he is a straight up stud. Anyone who dresses as James Bond immediately looks cool, so why would you not want to dress up as him. The classic suit with accessories to spice up your costume would make you look amazing on Halloween.

Harry Styles

Harry has some pretty iconic looks that you could mimic. He also has had many eras that you could dress as which make the possibilities endless as dressing as Harry in a unique way. I would love to see someone dressed as THE Harry Styles this Halloween.

Scary Costumes:

I always love a good scary costume. I always see the same ones, however, which is not a bad thing, but here are some that I feel as though could be amazing to do and ones that I do not always see all the time. Scary never fails because it enraptures the true essence of Halloween.

Jigsaw – Jigsaw series

I always see people dressing as characters from classic horror movies, but for whatever reason I do not see people dressing as Jigsaw as often as I would like. The makeup and suit are such an easy and spooky way to dress for this night and I think it is somewhat unique given its lack of popularity.

Peter Graham – Hereditary

This is the most perfect costume for a last minute idea. The focus definitely lies on the face and head with the crown and the bandage over the nose, but I absolutely love this costume idea. This movie is so amazing and I feel like everyone has seen this scene even if they haven’t watched the movie which makes it such a perfect costume.

Chucky/Bride of Chucky – Chucky Series

These are probably not the most creative, but I honestly do not see many people dress as Chucky or the Bride. I think that either of these are perfect and super fun for Halloween. It is a classic that everyone will admire, but I still feel as though people will salute your creativity if you go all out and make it special.


Couple Costumes:

Romeo and Juliet – Romeo + Juliet

I am absolutely in love with the elegance and simplicity of this couple costume. I think anyone who does this costume will look amazing and sophisticated. Who wouldn’t want to be Romeo and Juliet with their significant other?

Bear Suit and Mayflower Queen – Midsommar

I truly believe this is one of the best costumes ever. Dressing as Florence Pugh as the Mayflower Queen may be somewhat difficult, but if done it would be a jaw-dropping costume. This is such an expected match for Halloween which makes it so perfect since no one else will probably have done it.

Wayne and Garth – Wayne’s World

This is such a timeless duo that makes it so iconic for a couple. It is super easy and never fails to make everyone laugh that is around you. I absolutely love this match and I think it makes for such an amazing couple costume given its ease and overall fun energy.