A Look Inside the Girl’s Lacrosse Team

and how our 5 days with Coach Camp were more valuable than my 3 previous years of playing combined


Hi friends!! I have a happy article (sorta) today for once. I wanted to write about the girls lacrosse team. We were super enthusiastic before the start of this season because last season’s (super short tiny season) had gone very well.

And thennnnnnn we found out exactly 2 weeks before the season that our coach would not longer be coaching us. (don’t ask me for details on this one. she gave us no explanation…)

Great timing I know!! But don’t worry. The seniors got together and decided that we refused to lose yet another part of our senior year. The next step? Find a coach. Luckily the superstars Coach Williams and Coach Kamp agreed to help us out. Shout out to Elizabeth Gray Taylor for arranging all of this in a single day by the way. She was a woman with a mission. Literally. She sent out maybe 50 plus texts that day and basically ran around to any authority figure she could find asking for help.

So anyways, Coach Kamp (the guys’ lacrosse coach) also agreed to help us out during practices and games while we were in the transition period. Shout out to Coach Kamp btw.

Side note:

He 100% did not have to agree to take on our team. This added many many hours of practice, many emails he has sent out, and coaching tips during the games. He had never even coached girls’ lacrosse before and the rules are very very different. He was already giving many hours to the boys each day and has kids at home. And yet he agreed. We greatly greatly appreciate him. We knew that we would eventually be getting another coach, but no one was quite sure when all the paperwork would be filled out. Although I speak for all of us when I say we were a little scared of Coach Kamp before our first practice with him (we had witnessed him yelling at the boys on the other half of the field a fewww too many times) by the end of the first practice we had completely warmed up to him. He was the perfect mix between intense (we need someone to tell us to run or try harder when we are being slow) and joking around with us. Even though he had not known us very long, it was very clear he cared about our team and how we performed. From having a coach leave us 2 weeks before the season with very little explanation, to not knowing if we were going to have a season, it was a great change. Unfortunately, after our practice yesterday he told us that our game tonight would be our last one with him. I think everyone involved was a lot more upset than we thought we would be. Although I am sure the new coach will be great, the other seniors and I particularly really did not want to have to do introductions all over again when the season has already started. We felt that our team had so much potential with Coach Kamp leading us. I have had some bad luck with coaches let me tell you and Coach Kamp is one of the few that I feel motivated by. (Yea I guess I did lie. I told you this would be a happy article.) But from the entire lacrosse team, I wanted to thank Coach Kamp again (even though he told us we were not allowed to thank him anymore lol). Hopefully we will go out with a win tonight for our last game with him coaching us:/

I wanted to thank Coach Kamp again (even though he told us we were not allowed to thank him anymore lol).

— me


We won our game on Monday against James Island 19-8. It was a great game. It was insanely windy and started raining as we were warming up. However, we were resilient and determined to not have to give up a game. So we played anyways. Allllll the way to a victory.

Our team decided that we needed some leadership within ourselves as well. So we elected not 1 not 2 but 3 Senior captains. We easily came to a decision: Eliza Taylor, McCabe Templeton, and Christina Dolan

  • Eliza has been playing lacrosse the longest out of any of us (she started as soon as she got over her little ballet phase at age 5) She is amazing on low defense, who primary goal is basically to stop the other team from using the crease to score
  • McCabe is one of our lovely midis. For those of you who don’t know, midis play both attack and defense. meaning they have to be constantly running up and down the entire field. I’ve played midi for a few games and let me tell you, it is a LOT of work. She is super reliable and we can always count on her if we are in need of a quick goal.
  • Christina is a backer on our defense. This basically means that she follows wherever the ball goes in order to stop the other team from scoring. If you know Christina, you know how good she is at this role. She is fast, intense, and lets face it, a little terrifying if you are the other team. (she told me this made her sound too scary oops. This was said with love I promise)

Also, we are playing on the new CCSD football field/lacrosse field/multi-purpose perfection . It is SO nice. Like I can’t even describe to you how nice it is. McCabe and I had a little trouble getting there and ending up driving around, but that’s just because we were being dumb. We saw the orange cones blocking going straight and assumed we could not get in. However, all you actually had to do was turn left right before the cones. oops. Lol no one ever said Magnet kids had street smarts.

I will include our schedule at the bottom for those who want to come:) Often the boys play right after us, so you can actually watch both at once. It may be a little cold or rainy (can’t promise anything with this Charleston weather) but it will be a gooood time for sure. It is SO interesting the difference between boys and girls rules in lacrosse by the way but that is an article for another time.