OUTER BANKS: In Charleston????

Are you team JJ or team John B?

Outer Banks is the newest talk of the town during the quarantine. It is a Netflix original show that was released only a few short weeks ago. Since its release, it has shot up the ranks to be the number one most-watched show in the United States. 

The show centers around four 16-year-old kids (the pogues) who live in the Outer Banks, a group of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. It is their summer vacation and they are on the hunt for the lost treasures from the Royal Merchant, a ship that went down hundreds of years ago. The show follows them on their many adventures including boat chases, scuba diving, and encounters with the richer people on the island, or the ‘Kooks’. 

Even though the show is called Outer Banks, it was not filmed in North Carolina. There were certain LGBT laws that the actual Outer Banks, had not passed. The crew did not feel comfortable filming someplace where rights were not equal, so they changed the location. 

It was filmed in/around the beautiful city we are lucky to call our hometown: Charleston. The cast and crew shot scenes and episodes all around the area during the summer of 2019. Academic Magnet alum Chris DeHart recently tweeted “Still can’t get over how outer banks is set in North Carolina when I can see the set from my backyard”. Watching and recognizing locations was definitely one of my favorite aspects of the show. Also, Magnet senior Stella Reimer was an extra in the show and was featured multiple times throughout the season. If you have not had the chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Below are a few locations that were used for the hit show, that many of you will likely recognize. 


Morris Island Lighthouse- This is from the scene where John B, Kiara, JJ, and Pope are being in a shootout chase on the water. They pass the lighthouse and it is pictured in the background.








Haddrell Point in Shem Creek- This is from many different shots of the Pogues on their boat.









The Ocean Course Clubhouse at Kiawah- This is where the annual party Midsummers takes place with all of the cast members playing roles in this episode.








Downtown Charleston (Specifically Ben Silver)- This is from the part where Sarah Cameron and John B are shopping for suitable clothing in ‘Chapel Hill’ to enter the grand archives at ‘UNC’.

All images from Google images.