Meeting Dr. Lupo

Introducing our new Spanish 5, AP Spanish and Spanish 1


Me and Dr. Lupo

Dr. Lupo is our newest member of the foreign language department and in this article you can learn some fun facts about her!

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

“In Spain every day you go to the bakery to get fresh bread and it’s like baguette bread. My mom would always take me with her when she went out and and the smell of the bakery was the best smell in the whole world. The first thing I do when I go back is go to the nearest bakery and get fresh bread. I love fresh bread.”


Q: Have you met any celebrities?

“When I was in college I met Barry Sanders (he plays for the Detroit Lions) because he went to Oklahoma State for College. He is a Hall of Fame football player and he played against us while I was at Wichita State. I was out with my little brother for some reason and he actually introduced himself. Years later I went to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  I put my name in for this raffle to get a signature from a football player and I won, and I actually met him again.”


Q: What was your first job and your favorite memory from it?

“My first job was a runner for a law firm because I wanted to be an attorney. I started working at a law firm and I decided I did not want to be one. I liked that I didn’t have to be in the office so much because I would run around and get signatures for judges. I also did not like sitting in the library and reading law books all the time.

“My favorite memory? One of the partners was this really funny guy and they were having a partner meeting.  Throughout the whole meeting room there were a bunch of portraits of the deceased partners.  Whern I went to put the refreshments out on the tables  I noticed that he had taken all the portraits and replaced them with velveteen paintings of Elvis.”

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

“So it actually just kind of happened. I was graduating from college with my Spanish degree and I planned on going into vocal performance, but I had a lot of problems with my asthma. I was really good at Spanish so the advisers in my program suggested that I  continue my Spanish education and then get my masters so I could teach.  I decided it would be  best for me.”


Q: Where have you lived besides Charleston?

“ Mexico, Spain, Texas. Indiana, Michigan, and Indiana”


Q: What do you do in your free time?

“I like to do things that are active because I get really bored and I need to release my energy. I like to walk my dog a lot and I also like to go the gym, but I haven’t been able to recently because I got into a car accident. I also love to watch sports; my husband says I’m a bigger sports fan than he is. We used to have season tickets to Gamecock’s games, but we don’t do that anymore. I also love animal rescue activities and travelling. ‘’


A special welcome to Magnet Dr. Lupo – We’re glad you’re here.