Spotlight: National French Honor Society

Tasty treats are on the horizon

Spotlight: National French Honor Society

You’ve probably noticed the occasional swarm of students in the breezeway during lunch, and you’ve probably also seen its cause: the National French Honor Society’s crêpe sale. This year, our organization’s fundraising focused on providing meals and resources to less fortunate children in francophone African countries. Aggregating over hundreds of dollars in sales, we have well exceeded our goal and we are so excited to have made a difference in at least one person’s life, all the while providing delicious crêpes to our fellow colleagues.

Next week, May 1st, we will be hosting our final crêpe sale of the year, in which all sales will go towards the funding of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Be sure to bring your wallet next Wednesday if you’re craving something sweet, served with fresh berries, Nutella, chocolate chips, and pretty much any other reasonable topping that your heart desires. As usual, 1 crêpe runs for $2, or you can purchase 2 crêpes for $3.

This year, we have a very large pool of inductees, so I’m super pumped and know that after we graduate, there will still be massive crêpe sales!

— Janie O'Shea

In addition to our final crêpe sale, we will also be celebrating our Induction Ceremony next week on May 3rd. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the process, the annual Induction Ceremony selects rising upperclassmen with an outstanding performance in their French classes and formally welcomes them into the National French Honor Society. This year in particular, there are over 30 new members, all of whom are listed below:

Zoey Bennett, Alan Bi, Sophia Butcher, Katherine Cobb, Anna Cook, Adam Frye, Finn Gotlieb, Lily Herpolsheimer, Grace Hill, Mohamed Ismail, Tate Jennings, Mills Jordan, Ameen Khan, Claire Kunkle, Eliza Lankford, Lily Lassiter, Caroline Lucas, Ruth Middleton, Evelyn Otis, Disha Qanungo, Mary Routh, Valeria Salvatierra, Preston Sessoms, Julia Spencer, Masilan Sundara, Jordan Thomas, Benjamin Vazquez Mora, Dhillon Wegner, Sam White

Janie O’Shea, who served as the NFHS Treasurer as a Junior and now sits as NFHS President this year, has done an incredible job in organizing the academic organization’s many events, and will be spearheading the 2019 Induction Ceremony. With her dedication to the National French Honor Society, she could not be a better person to welcome the brand new inductees to the organization.

Be sure to drop by the crêpe sale table at lunch on May 1st and support the Cathedral fund, or congratulate your fellow classmates on their inductions!