Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


2024-2025 Class Choice Advice

Your Guide to Picking Classes

As this school year comes to an end, it’s time for 2024-2025 class choice. Although juniors have already selected their classes, freshmen and sophomores have not yet had that opportunity. This article is a guide to all of the Magnet classes and offers helpful advice from your peers.


Arts electives:

My experience: 

I took Guitar, and I would say that if you are not musically inclined, you should probably take another class. However, you can still do well in the class, even if you are bad at playing the guitar, because there are written tests, and it is technically a beginner’s class.


Form responses: 

Music Theory only if you have previous experience with playing, reading, or writing music. The class goes quickly once it starts up and the AP test can be incredibly difficult, but it’s a very fun class with a fun teacher and I wouldn’t have had it another way.”


“If there is a class you want to take really badly sophomore year, then I would take Summer Art. But if not, I would do it in school.”


“Take art credits in person because they are a nice easy class to go between stressful and harder classes.” 


Photography is a fun and easy class, but you still have to put in work. Also, it’s difficult to get into, so I would respond to class choice early.” 


Other electives:

My experience/what I’ve heard:

I took speech and newspaper production, which were fun and good breaks from the rest of my academic classes. Although newspaper production is only open to seniors, I would definitely keep it in mind when choosing classes for your senior year. The class is a lot of fun!!!


I have also heard really good things about AP CSP from many of my peers, and I would totally recommend it to students searching for another AP to take. 


Form responses: 

AP CSP because it’s a super fun, super chill course for an AP.” 

“I think that APCSP did not really require any previously learned skills and it would be better to get an AP and have more space to pick different electives in future years.”

“I personally wouldn’t recommend taking APCSA because I found it pretty boring.”

“Take Teacher Cadets!! I think the projects are very interesting and fun that people can enjoy without wanting to be a teacher.”

My experience/what I’ve heard: 

I am not a science person, so the only class I have taken on this list is AP Environmental Science. I find the class pretty interesting, and it takes information from the other science classes that I have taken. It’s also pretty chill for an AP class.


I have heard really good things about AP Biology, and even though it is two blocks, the teacher is great, and the class is really interesting. However, I have not heard good things about Honors Anatomy and AP Physics as both are a ton of work and not extremely applicable to other subjects. 


Form responses: 

AP Biology is a great class because it is extremely interesting to study how minute biological functions work together to create life. Also, Ms. Phillips makes the class very fun!”

AP BIO Mrs Phillips is the best and I did it with my friends which made it elite.”

AP Environmental because Mr. McCormick teaches it super well and the lessons are really cool.”

“Totally Marine Science. Partially, because you get to have Mrs. Metzner-Roop as a teacher, but also because I’ve learned a lot of decently interesting and even sometimes helpful information on different marine creatures and phenomenons.”

“Don’t take ap physics i beg you it is nothing like chem or bio its not good please.”

AP Physics 1 sounds like a nightmare from what my friends tell me.”

“I would HIGHLY not recommend taking AP Physics.”

“Honestly, I really recommend AP Sciences (besides AP Physics). This year I took AP Chemistry and I really like it. While I have never taken AP Biology or AP Environmental Science, everyone who I talk to seems to really like them. The teachers seem to be pretty passionate about the topic and it makes it really easy and somewhat enjoyable to learn.”

My experience: 

  1. I loved APUSH; I found it really interesting, and I enjoyed going to the class. APUSH was not too challenging, and Mr. Rush is a great and fun teacher. If you really enjoy history, I would definitely take this class. 
  2. AP Psychology is 100% a must-take class at AMHS. The content you learn is not only cool and interesting, but can also be applied in all of your other classes. 
  3. I was not interested in the content taught in AP World, but Mr. Garris is a really good teacher and does a great job preparing you for other AP social science classes. 
  4. I also loved AP Government. It’s also a pretty easy AP, and I am now able to understand what’s going on in our government and how it works. Ms. Orr is also really funny!


Form responses:

 “AP World because Garris is an insanely good teacher” 

AP Psych!! It is a very interesting class but a lot of memorization. Enjoyed going to this class everyday.”

“Definitely Psychology because it’s sort of a free class of mainly just memorization and all of the knowledge is highly applicable.”

AP Psych my fav class ever it’s so interesting and both of the teachers r rlly nice.”

Honors Gov and Econ with Ms. Orr because she’s the funniest teacher in this school alongside being a good one.”

“I wouldn’t recommend the Social Studies classes because it feels like no matter how much you study the tests don’t feel related to what you read.”

My experience: I have only taken Honors Calc and am not the strongest person in math, so I do not have much to say other than it is fairly challenging.

My experience: I have taken both AP English classes and have found them really helpful in teaching and improving my writing and analysis skills. I have also heard that there is not too big of a difference between taking one over the other besides the AP exam and summer reading for AP Lang.

I do think the AP foreign languages are worth it, despite being incredibly difficult at times, because they provide a style of class that is really different and prepares you for college language classes. I also like that we are given a lot of time to practice in class. However, if you are not willing to work hard and are not super interested in your language, it may not be the best idea for you. 

My experience: I chose to take Physics in my junior year and do not regret it at all. I wanted to get the class out of the way, and the dreaded final exam was not terrible. It is recommended that you take pre-calculus alongside this class, but I don’t think that it will necessarily hurt you if you are not. 


Final form advice:

“DO NOT take a class just because you have friends in it; truly take it for the content and you will enjoy it.”

I hope this article helped you to decide on your course load for next year, and possibly for the years to come. Also, remember that you can always change your mind; you’re free to leave a class until I think September.  If you have any further questions or comments feel free to leave a comment. Good luck next year, raptors!

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