Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


New Club Executives!!!

As seniors get ready to graduate, the underclassmen begin to take their place!

As the second semester is underway many seniors are experiencing senioritis. We are ready to get to college and start a new chapter of our lives. Magnet has a plethora of clubs and national honors societies, which are primarily run by upperclassmen, specifically seniors. Here’s a review of some of the clubs!!

Clubs and Honor Societies

Key Club: 

Key Club consists of 125 members, each of these people committed to helping serve our community. There are 6 to 7 people on the executive board: a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, historian, webmaster, and lieutenant governor (there can be 1 or 2 for our school). These executive members work with advisor Mr. McCormick, to organize community service events across Charleston. This year there are 5 seniors on the board. Lilly Murphy is president, Maryn Tombs is vice president, Holly Manning is treasurer, Sutton Meyer is secretary, and both Bowen Gao and Grace Rueben are lieutenant governors

For next year here is the new executive board:

President: Street Wilson

VP: Grace Griffin

Treasurer: Isa Jickling

Secretary: Madeline Moye

Webmaster: Molly Tombs

Historian: Rowan Engelke

Lieutenant Governor: Izzy Robinson


HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America and this club exists to help future health professionals to become leaders in the global health community. When I asked the executive board, they said HOSA was like DECA but medical. They compete in yearly statewide competitions and they pick events to compete in! 

The current executive board:

President: Charlotte Halford

Vice President: Addie Utsey

Secretary and Treasurer: Lilly Murphy

With Ms. Phillips as their advisor, the club will be performing elections during the fall of 2024 for a new board!


DECA is a business competition club, where members generate initiative ideas for how to help further the world we live in. This year there are three co-presidents, Abby Brauchle, Grace Rueben, and Sophia Rueben. These seniors are involved in their projects and work with their advisor, Mr. McCormick, to organize meetings and practices before their competition. This year if the members win their regional competition, they will have the opportunity to go to nationals in Anaheim, California! When interviewing Abby Brauchle she is unsure of the future of the club for next year. This year she and her co-president were chosen by their advisor to run the club, but this year there are only two juniors, who could become president. Abby said that it would be up to them to continue the club or not. 

Mother Earth Club: 

Mother Earth Club is a community service club that focuses on local environmental work. The club tries to host events like beach sweeps and battery drives to help the community. Ms. Roop is the teacher advisor and helps the club run meetings and plan events! Laura Dailey (12), the president, plans to do an end-of-year meeting to discuss the new board! She will tell people to email her if they want to run, and then the board will send out a Google form for members to vote on the new executive.

This year the executive board consists of:

President: Laura Dailey

Vice President: Kaylee Cathcart 

Treasurer: Eliza Compton

Community Service Chair: Natasha Keisler

Student News: 

Students News is a club formed only a few years ago, with Mr. Jent as their advisor. This club reports on student life and the sports that Magnet students are participating in! Unfortunately, the club might be coming to an end after this year if the current underclassmen do not want to lead the club. Right now the current president is Vivian Lam (12) and the vice president is Jasmine Zheng (12). The two underclassmen are Talia Barsness and Riley Beasenburg so hopefully, they want to lead the club!

Watch Student News!

— Vivian Lam


AMHS French Club:

French Club offers a few things for people who want to immerse themselves in the French culture and language. This club participates in the international dinner and during their meeting they discuss french current events, and even bring in French baked goods! This club will most likely be ending at the end of this year, due to a lack of members. There are 4 senior co-presidents: Wren Allen, Anna Hollister, Sutton Meyer & Caroline Uram! The seniors would love it if the club stayed alive – so they are accepting new members year round! All you have to do is email Wren Allen at to join!

Ultimate Frisbee: 

While Ultimate Frisbee is definitely a sport, Magnet does not have an official school team 🙁 Magnet does have the Ultimate Frisbee Club, where the team competes and practices like any other sport. Each year the captains are selected by Coach Yackey based on attendance, seniority, and other factors. Currently, all of our captains are seniors, meaning next year’s executive board will see new faces. The captains will be selected at a later date. The current captains are seniors Campbell Lesher, Sean O’Brien, Grace Gast, and Bowen Gao, and they help lead the team in practices and games!


National English Honors Society is run by Chloe Carlsten (12) and Cliffie Manuel (12), with Ms. Lankford and Dr. Hay as their teacher advisor. While this society doesn’t have a new set of executives, there is a plan underway for the new execs. Chole said that they will be giving current members the opportunity to run for a position by the end of February, and hopefully, by the beginning weeks of March, they will have a new board. 

Mu Alpha Theta:

Mu Alpha Theta is the National Math Honor Society at Magnet and they elect their board members differently than many other organizations. In the fall of the new school year the students have to write about why they should be the candidate and the teacher advisor, Ms. Frazier, will select the board members. This year the executive board is unsure as to when they will conduct elections, but they believe it will occur next fall. Because the president is Maryn Tombs (12) and the vice president is Charlotte Halford (12) there will definitely be new club leadership next year.


Spanish National Honors Society is run by a board of senior members, who have been members of the society since junior year. SNHS elects its senior board at the start of the school year, with the returning seniors all being eligible for election. At the end of the year seniors Carolina Carrara (president), Julia Gulledge (vice president), Holly Manning (treasurer), and Ava Smoak (secretary), will retire and leave the club in the hands of the juniors.

I know I didn’t get to talk about all the clubs and honor societies, so comment below if you would like your club or a national honors society to be featured!!

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